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How to dress like a Backpacker

June 24, 2014

Whilst I certainly packed some useful Backpacking Essentials, I foolishly pre-planned my ‘Backpacking Style’ like I was headed on a glamorous and relaxing holiday on a yacht; travel straighteners, pretty dresses, too many shoes, and case of make-up. Little did I know they would spend most of the summer in the bottom of my bag, until would I eventually get sick of carrying them around and chuck them. When backpacking in 40 degree heat, there’s very little outfit planning. You rely on comfort and simplicity, with just a hint of hippie globetrotter….


DO THE BARE FACE You may refuse at first, but trust me, after the third or fourth day of sweating your make-up off, you’ll soon get tired of re-applying. I sometimes wore make-up in the evening, but during the day it was all about going Au Natural and not giving a damn.


THAT THONG, TH-TH-TH-THONG No, not the Underwear, ‘Thong’ is Aussie talk for Flip Flops. I was never a fan of the flop, so I packed pumps, with an β€˜in-case-of-emergency’ pair of flip flops at the bottom of my rucksack. Only should my pumps get lost or become destroyed would the flip flops come out my bag … I was wearing them by Day two of my Thailand Tour. Bar doing treks and hikes when I would obviously wear my walking boots, the only footwear I ever wore was my trusty flip flops. It’s just cooler and more comfortable (and they go with everything).


BAGGY PANTS YO When you arrive at your destination, whether it be Bangkok or Brazil, you’re going to be surrounded by baggy pants! Market stalls everywhere sell these ridiculously baggy, yet stupidly cool pattered pants. In the UK we call them PJ’s, but in somewhere like Thailand they are a Fashion statement. They are ten times more comfortable than those tight denim shorts and way more fun to dress up in. They keep your legs cool, are soooooo comfy and you can literally go around different countries, collecting different styles, without breaking the bank.


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VEST I packed so many cute daytime dresses and pretty evening looks and then spent %95 of my time in a unwashed sweaty vest top. Why? Your too hot to wear anything else, too lazy to make an effort to look pretty, and too tired to go and wash all your clothes. My vest tops became my best friend; the stringer and thinner the better.


BOY RULES… There are no rules. In fact the more they mix it up and mismatch the more they fit in.


THE ‘WRIST’ IS UPTO YOU If your heading to South East Asia prepare to see backpackers arms decorated with fabric bracelets, usually with silly slogans or quotes on. Most backpackers, myself included, tend to pick up a new bracelet in every city, to add to the ever growing collection.

Thanks to David K, my favourite Dutch man, for some of these beeeuuuuuuutiful pictures, as well as iloveajesha. To see more of my Backpacker Life posts Click Here