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Photo Diary No.48

June 22, 2014

These four photos literally sum up my week, possibly even my life at the moment. Apart from going to work (near the oh-so-tall Shard) and becoming obsessed with taking Sunset photos, all I am doing with myself is drinking copious amounts of tea and writing.

I’ve been doing my blogging as usual, but I’ve also begun writing a book. You may remember that in my 30before30 list, No.15 was to ‘Start working on a story/book’. I love writing and have always aspired to be a writer, but aspiring and doing are two very different things. I’ve been aspiring since I was about seven years old, yet at 28 years of age I still haven’t done anything about it. It wasn’t until my Mum gave me the push I needed that I decided to actually DO it. Of course it’s always easy to say your going to start writing but without a story or so much as a small idea it’s quite difficult. Where do you start?

“There are seven days in the week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them.”

Well, I didn’t have a clue what to write about or who to write about. There had been ideas that I had started over the years, but none excited me enough to go back to them. I had nothing. Until a few weeks ago…
It’s weird how a course of tiny non-significant events can result in a thought popping into your head that you may have otherwise never thought of. There I was going about my normal routine when something happened that lead a character to out of nowhere, just pop into my head, along with an idea. It was a rough idea, but an idea no less. Excited, I quickly jotted down everything that was in my head. Two days later I took out the notes and made a few more. I left them untouched for a week, until last Sunday when I decided to try and turn them into fiction.

My life is now completely consumed by this story, it’s all I can think about. I had a plan to write 500 words per day and I’ve surpassed it. I’m writing when I wake up, on the tube, on my lunch, as soon as I get home. I’m constantly thinking about my characters and I almost feel like I know them, it’s crazy. Above all I’m just so happy not to have given up on doing something that I’ve loved doing for so long, and for that I have my Mum to Thank. Even if this story never gets published, and no one wants to read it but my lovely Mum, that’s okay, because ultimately it’s for her. Thanks Mum!

A little off topic this week in terms of a diary post, but I just wanted to share with you guys how nice it feels to be doing something so creative and something I love, and I hope that by reading this it will encourage you to do what you love. Not someday, but today! Don’t follow your dream, do it!