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Tea Tasting • Red Bush Tea

June 21, 2014

Considering how much I love tea and how often I drink it, I’m surprised at how long it took to me to sit down and do this post. But last night I finally sat down to do my Tea tasting…

About three months ago I received a selection of tea bags to try out from Red Bush. Tetley’s, Typhoo, Yorkshire Tea, I’ve tried them all, but never Red Bush. I’d always assumed that Red Bush was just another tea brand, I had no idea that the tea was predominantly a herbal tea that it is completely caffeine free AND calorie free.


Red Bush is made from an African herb called Rooibos, which means Red Bush. I’m not really into herbal teas but I decided to try these out. I was sent three types of tea: Original tea, Chai Tea and Citrus Tea. The original tea can be drank with milk and sugar, however the Chai and Citrus tea’s should be drank sans milk, but with a little honey or sugar if you have a sweet tooth. I boiled my kettle and made all three at the same time so that I could really compare. According to Red Bush it’s best to leave a tea bag brewing for 3 – 5 minutes.


The first one I tasted was the Red Bush Chai Tea. Hmmm, sorry, but this was not my cup of tea (pun pun pun!). Blended with pure fennel and cardamom, this just tasted like flowers to me. I’m not sure how I know what flowers taste like, but either way I didn’t care for this flavour.

I moved onto Citrus, which surprisingly I liked. Okay, I wasn’t crazy about it, but I could see myself drinking it every now and then if I was in the mood for a fruitier tea. I think I would have to add a sprinkle of sugar to sweeten it up though.

Finally the Original Red Bush tea, which of course I made milky with two sugars (not so calorie-free anymore). Even with milk and sugars added, there was still a fruity kick to it, which is obviously a unique flavour of Red Bush tea. It was also quite sweet, it must be something to do with the herb it is made from, so I didn’t necessarily need that second sugar lump. But I really liked this tea, it was my favourite of the three.


If your trying to cut back on your decaf intake, like I am, I would definitely recommend, and I would definitely consider purchasing Red Bush next time I went shopping. It would be good to have in the cupboard for those evenings that your craving a cuppa but don’t want to be awake all night (is it just me, or does caffeine affect you more as you get older? Gone are the days of pre-bedtime teas and coffees). Red Bush just generally seems lot better for you than most tea’s but still tasty with a fruity kick, and it can be enjoyed with or without milk. Not to mention if you normally have sugar in your tea, your sugar intake will be lower as you don’t need as much sugar with Red Bush, possibly none at all!

Are you a herbal tea drinker? Or like me do you love a good milky brew?
Have you guys ever tried Red Bush Tea’s?