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Love Yourself For Less • A Radiant Response from DermaV10

June 20, 2014

Back in March you may remember I did a 99p Haul, sharing a bunch of amazing things I picked up at HomeBargains. One brand I discovered was DermaV10. I had been on the lookout for a new moisturiser for my face, preferably anti-aging, and I discovered a shelf of products by a brand called DermaV10. I’d never heard of this brand but was immediately drawn to the price tags. 99p for an anti-ageing face cream? I had to give it a go, it’s not like this product was going to break the bank. I purchased two of their lip jellies for £1.79, their Coconut Body butter for 89p and their 50ml Q10 Innovations Anti-Wrinkle cream, 99p.


In my March post, I blogged about the anti-wrinkle cream saying it was “so cool and refreshing, it was like putting yoghurt on my face”, so you can understand why it has been so easy to apply on a daily basis, twice a day. Starting my day off with this cream really makes a great base for my makeup. I’ve actually found applying my foundation on top of this cream has left my skin feeling less clogged up with products. I also apply this cream in the evenings after I have cleansed. And a little goes a long way; I only need to use a tiny bit on my finger to massage into my face, neck, and patt around my eyes, and it spreads evenly all over. I’ve had this tub nearly four months and still have plenty left.

discount haul 9

Picture taken when purchased in March

In terms of anti-ageing, my skin feels glorious but I haven’t seen any dramatic results, but then again I’ve never seen any real results with any anti-aging product I’ve tried. I don’t think it’s something that happens overnight. In order to see dramatic results I think I need to stick to a product and use it over a long period of time. I plan to do this with DermaV10. I hope to see long-term results not only with my face but with my bank balance too!

But why is DermaV10 so cheap? I decided to ask them.
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Not only did DermaV10 reply ever so quickly, but they actually wrote a blog post responding to my question, titled ‘Why are our products so cheap?’ I have to admit, I was chuffed with their customer service and blown away by their brutally honest answer. I was expecting a post full of scientific jargon, when actually I got a very simple and to-the-point reason for their products being so cheap. The  answer? The ingredients are cheap!

“We will be transparent, we will be honest, and we will help you love yourself for less” – DermaV10

Other more expensive brands add on extra costs to basically cover all the expenses and make a huge profit. DermaV10 said: “The massive price tags on the brands are not so high because they are using ingredients that cost a lot of money. They are so high because they pay celebrities and models to endorse/advertise these products, have huge expensive offices in London and Paris and then slap a massive margin on for themselves, their shareholders, and the retailers for good measure. It all seems a little greedy to us, and we hope you agree.” I certainly agree! DermaV10 went on to explain that the ingredients used in all these products are relatively cheap and a product you normally pay £10 for probably only cost about £1 to make. But DermaV10 believe in offering high quality products at reasonable prices. (To read the full blog post click here).

DermaV10’s philosophy is “Love yourself for Less” a philosophy that really speaks to me, after all 99% of my beauty posts are related to budget beauty, I don’t feel the need to always have to pay excessively in order to be happy with how I look. It’s great to see a brand that understands this from a consumers point of view.

DermaV10 products can be purchased at HomeBargains, BodyCare and Savers. Check out their website to see their full range of Skincare AND haircare products