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The Real Food Market, SouthBank + HOTD 14.05.14

June 15, 2014

Yesterday, The Beard and I decided to head down to the Real Food Market at the SouthBank Centre. Being a Saturday, we obviously had a nice lazy lie in first, ate some breakfast and eventually pulled ourselves out of bed to make our way to SouthBank.

The Real Food Market plays host to 40 carefully selected stalls, each selling sustainably and ethically produced food. We rocked up to the market at about 3pm to mouth watering aromas drifting through the air. We set off on a wander, passing every stall and accepting every taster and sample we could. We wanted to make sure we chose well when it came to picking our lunch.




On our wander we stopped to buy some country cider. Two half pints for £3 isn’t bad at all for London and it was really delicious cider (we ended up going back for more).



There was so much tasty food being sold, including a whole stall selling Bruschetta, another offering smoked salmon, a sausage stall, lots of cheese stalls and stalls offering Spicy curries.






I sampled some Curry which I actually really liked – the mild one, obviously – and I was almost won over by the Bruschetta on offer, but in the end both The Beard and I went for Pulled Pork in a ciabatta with Rocket (and the option of Apple sauce). We had tried a sample, and as soon as the tender shredded pork was in my mouth my mind was made up, it was delicious. Each sandwich was £5. That may seem steep but it was really worth it, you got quite a lot, in fact I couldn’t even finish mine, I had to give it to The Beard.



After stuffing our face with Pork – and lots of other tasty tit bits – we made our way up to the riverside for a little stroll. There was some dark clouds hovering above us and we were worried it might rain, but soon enough the Sun made an appearance and the blue sky followed. Yay!






big ben

On the riverside we watched a few shows performed by buskers, dancers and magicians, but had to run away when we got completely creeped out by this guy…


But we did like these guys…



We decided to head to Shoreditch where there was another market on. We had read about something called ‘The Urban Food Festival’ which from 5pm supposedly offered food stalls accompanied by live music. We loved the idea of seeing some live bands and DJ’s, especially for free, so we trekked from Waterloo to Shoreditch only to be completely disappointed once we got there. ‘The Urban Food Festival’ had about ten stalls, in a circle in a tiny car park. Although there was music, it was being played on a system, there was no live bands or DJ’s as promised, and I couldn’t see any stage set up. After ten minutes of circling the tiny area saying to each other ‘Is this it?’ We decided to just head back to our flat, where we sat on our balcony with some white wine and watched the Sunset.



It was such a lovely day, and so nice to be out and about enjoying London. The Real Food Market is at the SouthBank Centre again next weekend from the Friday (20th June – 22nd) and the following weekend (27th June – 29th). We think we will definitely head back to this market on one of these weekends to pick up some food to take home, such as olives and Chorizo (so I can make more Tapas for a Idiots )

On a side note, I wore my hair in the plaited halo, but I went for a bit of a messy halo this time, pulling out odd strands, and scruffing it up. To see my tutorial video for this look, just click here







  • the food looks amazing!! so jealous I need to go back to london

  • Yummm. All that food looks delectable. Wish I could have the mini bubbly. :] // ☼

  • Tink Jayne

    I’m planning to buy a bottle of the mini bubbly next time.
    Roll on pay day :)
    x Tink x

  • Tink Jayne

    I think there is quite a few of these markets dotted all over London, so defo worth a trip here :) x

  • I want it all. Seriously, this looks like such a marvelous day.
    x Justina //

  • Tink Jayne

    Haha, me too, it was hard choosing one thing! xx

  • LondonKiwiEmma

    Isn’t the pork just mouthwatering? We can never resist trying having it either!

  • Gorgeous photos! That bruschetta stand has my name all over it, must put this on my to-do list for London. Lovely blog too :)


  • Tink Jayne

    I’ve already made the very important decision that when I go back there in two weeks, I shall be feasting on that Brushchetta!
    Thanks Fran, I will have to check out your blog :)
    X x X

  • Tink Jayne

    Yup. Mouth watered at the smell, but when it went in my mouth I nearly went weak at the knees. Delicious!