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Photo Diary No.47

June 15, 2014

What a week! What started off as a lazy Sunday in my favorite lazy leopard print pants, soon turned into organised chaos as I cleaned the flat, tidied my beauty corner, washed all my clothes and basically prepared myself to re-join the world of full time work. On Monday I woke up at the crack of dawn (or 7.30am) and joined all the other London commuters as I made my way to my new/old job. Long-time readers of this blog will remember that prior to my travels I worked in TV & Media, but gave it all up to enter the world of Backpacking. Well, I was lucky enough to have my job offered to me again, an opportunity too good to turn down.

It’s been great catching up with my work mates and I’ve actually enjoyed being back in a routine. It does feel a little strange to be back at full time work after 13 months of no real responsibilities and doing what I want. BUT I have to admit, it’s really nice to feel productive and actually be using my brain. It’s also great to be working in the city of London again, my offices are near London Bridge, so I get to see some fantastic views on a daily basis – like the one above – it makes those early mornings worth it (I am definitely struggling with those early rises).

Speaking of early rises, I’ve been lucky enough to see some beautiful sunrises and sunsets this week. I knew getting a flat with a balcony was a good idea. This gorgeous weather has left the evening skies completely clear. The view from our balcony shows a stunning silhouette, and I’ve enjoyed quite a few evenings sat out there with The Beard (and some wine). We did this on Saturday evening after we spent the day indulging in Cider and Pork at The Real Food festival, which I took lots of pics of, you can check them out and read all about it here.

Friday night I popped over to my friend’s house and she cooked us Pasta, and we chatted away over a few glasses of wine. Now that I’m working full time I had planned to cut back on drinking, but with this lovely summer weather it’s quite hard. It’s so nice sitting outside with a glass of wine watching the sunset, you can’t beat it.

How cool is my Hello Kitty water bottle? Bottled water can be so expensive in London, but I picked this up in Itsu for 99p and have been re-using all week. Little Tip: Itsu sell all their food half price after 8.30pm, so if you enjoy Asian food, get yourself down there for some half price nutritious food!