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Currently Obsessed With…

June 13, 2014

Feel free to to slate my Duck face, I was having a bad day, face wise. This is the only picture that turned out half-decent. Anyways, onto the matter in hand, I started doing these ‘Currently Obsessed with…’ posts way back in October and they soon turned into Monthly Obsessions, a bit like monthly favorites. But I’ve decided to revert back to the original posts because monthly favorites is so common in the bloggerssphere. Instead I will just be writing about things I’m obsessed with as and when I become obsessed with them.


Lately I’ve been loving these two cups, or ‘Tumblers’ rather. The pink and clear one I picked up ages ago at Primark for just Β£2. It was part of their Summer homeware range. I originally spotted it on MilkBubbleTea’s Instagram and liked it so much I went out and purchased it. I use it to drink juice or water because for some reason if there is a pretty cup with a straw there is more chance of me actually drinking my recommended daily intake of water (also less chance of me spilling it). But if I fill up a glass with water I end up putting that glass down somewhere and forgetting about it, so I feel I can definitely put this purchase down as a ‘Health Benefit’.


Unfortunately my next obsession is by no means a ‘Health Benefit’. This plastic starbucks tumbler was actually a freebie from work. I’m back working full time in my old job in TV and I don’t always have time to sit down and drink a coffee in the mornings (I’m still adjusting to these early morning rises). So instead I just make it before I leave for the office and drink it on the way to work. By the time I arrive at my desk I’m all caffeinated up and ready to start my day. I think you can purchase these in Starbucks stores.

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