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Sexy, Classic & Romantic • 106 seconds of Rob

June 10, 2014

This beautiful work of art, also known as the ad for Dior Homme, not only made me go weak at the knees, but it almost broke my heart. How can one man be so dam gorgeous yet so unattainable? Okay, okay, so I’m like six months late to the RPatz/Dior party, I know, but I had no idea this commercial had even been made, let alone blessed our screens a trillion times (I don’t own a TV). Luckily, a friend showed it to me today and to say I fell in-love with the ad is an understatement. Robert Pattinson stars as a stylish, cigarette smoking, bath-sitting, smouldering, beautiful MAN GOD who likes to run around restaurants, relax on rooftops and roll around in bed with his pretty French missus. Both are seen kissing passionately, smoking in the tub and taking drives on the beach as ‘Whole lotta love’ by Led Zepplin plays out.

But why do I love the ad so much?

Smartly dressed in an array of sharp suits and coats, and sporting some sexy stubble, Rob looks classically handsome in this black and white ad. The whole commercial feels classic and romantic but with a modern twist. Lots of male perfume brands dress up a Hollywood actor and have him walk on in a suit and say something smooth, but the Dior Homme ad is different. Rob has no lines, he is not looking at you the viewer, or trying to pull you in with a charming line, because he is too busy looking at his beautiful French girlfriend and canoodling with her in a pool. Hats off to Dior for this stylish 106 second film; whilst the ad is quite controversial (there’s a fair amount of cigarettes being smoked) it’s super sexy, beautifully filmed and ultimately the storyline is still one of love, which I found quite captivating.

Not as captivating as that gorgeous face of his though. Oh Rob!

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