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5 things I bet you never thought would become a trend (but have)

June 4, 2014

We love our trends and fads, and there have been some crazy ones in the past, anyone remember pogs? Ignoring the obvious current catwalk trends (if I see one more article mentioning Monochrome….) we do also have some current trends and fads that I never would have predicted.


The 80’s had the tash, the 90’s clean shaven, the noughties we liked the stubble. Now, it’s BEARDS! I personally love a good a beard on a fella. And it seems I’m not the only one, beards are on the catwalks and all over magazines.


Once linked to spinster old ladies, cats are now THE pet to have it would seem. Less than a decade ago we all cooed over pictures of celebs carrying their tiny pooches in their purses (remember Paris Hiltons Dog Tinkerbell?) whereas now we choose instead to coo over cat videos such as grumpy cat, or me personally I tend to scroll through Instagram liking pictures of bloggers pulling poses with their pussycats.


So much for stranger danger, it seems we are all now walking around with our names on our coffee. Although Starbucks staff do seem to have a bad habit of screwing up names, there are even websites dedicated to it like this one


Once picked on for being ‘geeky’ and ‘uncool’, the ugly ducklings soon blossomed into … well, Hipsters actually. Of course there is also the argument that the cool kids are pretending to be Nerdy by disguising themselves in geek chic attire. Either way, thick rimmed glasses, band tees, dicky bows, baggy cardigans, and even Lego, are all bang on trend.


Could you imagine if 10 years ago someone pulled out their photo album only to show you 50 different photos of self-taken portraits? “Oh and there is me, and me again, and that’s me in my bathroom, and here I am in my car…” Yet today a Selfie is one of the most popular photos shared amongst friends (and strangers) with more than 123 million selfies on Instagram alone. Not that I’m shunning it, my friends and I are probably responsible for at least 10% of that number.

Can you think of any other crazy trends I’ve missed off the list? I wonder what will be trending in ten or fifteen years time – what do you reckon? Maybe trolls will make a comeback *crosses fingers*

[Picture Credits 1 – 4: Beard, Cat, Starbucks, Nerd.]

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  • Love this post! It really does make you think though and i can relate to everything you’ve mentioned above! :)It’s strange how times change and how things become acceptable.. x

  • Tink Jayne

    I know. No doubt in ten years time we’ll be saying ‘Eurgh what was so sexy about beards and thick rimmed glasses,’ as we stroke our pet chinchillas x x

  • Haha great post :) I’ve noticed that lots of trends come around again to so now 90’s fashion is popular but in 20 years time,fashion from today will be in.Cats are timeless! xx

  • Tink Jayne

    Yeah I love the 90’s style, glad it’s come back around.
    True, cats are too cute to ever go out of style. But I think since YouTube they have become a new favourite pet x x x

  • haha, great post! the selfie phenomenon baffles me! who took the first one?!

  • Tink Jayne

    It’s so weird, there is like a whole selfie history, dating back to self-portraits, technically that was still a ‘selfie’, it’s just now we take them ourselves and far too often! :-/
    X x x

  • TheFlamingYoshi

    Whats this?