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Beauty Bargain • Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan (9in1 BB Skin Perfector)

May 23, 2014

Now that my Australia tan has mostly disappeared – sad times – I’m back to being my pasty English self, which will not do. With Spring in full swing, and summer fast approaching, that means bare leg season is upon us. For me to go bare leg my pins need to have a little head start in the bronzing department, as appose to going a la blanc for months waiting for a miracle to happen (British sun will not tan my legs!). So with the sun treating us to some lovely weather last weekend I went out and bought some tan. Unfortunately I had a bit of a tanning disaster, two in fact, with two dodgy bottles of L’Oreal tanning mouse. One exploded on me, so I popped out to exchange it, only to have the second bottle do the exact same thing.

Hours away from my night out and stubbornly refusing to wear tights on such a beautiful evening, I quickly popped to my local chemist where I found Rimmel Sun Shimmer. I haven’t purchased this in a very long time but it has now been updated as Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB Skin Perfecter (long!). Having recently taken a liking to Rimmels BB cream I picked up a tube of Light Matte, took it to the till and ran home to get tanning (retail price ranges from £5.95 – £6.99).

rimmel tan .jpg

I won’t bore you with too many details and silly tanning jargon, but this tan is perfect if you just need some beautiful bronzed skin for a day or night out. On the tube it’s says it gives you 9in1 results in one easy step; softens, smoothes, moisturises, instant tan, creates a healthy looking glow, evens skin tone, covers, perfects and last 24 hours. There’s a few things there that I couldn’t care less about (softens? smoothes?) but there are also some very valid points! The even skin tone this creates is beautiful, just one glorious shade of bronzed skin. It really did give me a healthy glow. I tanned one leg and left one au natural to show you guys the difference.

tan legs rimmel .jpg

As for ‘moisturises’, it feels glorious on my skin and applying it was just like moisturising my whole body. But the best thing about this tan? It dries instantly. I’ve been using mouses and foams for a long time, as I always found creams or sprays too difficult to get an even skin tone with. But with the mouse came the hours after application of feeling sticky and smelly. With this Rimmel Instant Tan BB Skin Perfector (seriously they need to shorten the title) it is a case of slap it on, rub it in and put your clothes on. Be careful wearing white as it does tend to rub off slightly. And unfortunately it is only a 24 hour tan, not a long-lasting, which means once you pop in the shower it rinses away with water and soap.

My Tanning Tips:

– Before tanning take a shower and exfoliate. I use this exfoliating mit from that I find to be brill

– Once dried off, only moisturise your ankles, feet, knees, hands and elbows, I use Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Lotion

-Make sure to use a tanning mit when applying your tan, not your hands, or you will end up with very Orange palms, not a good look

-Once your tan feels dry, lightly rub your body down with a hand towel (maybe not your best white one) to get off any excess tan to avoid it rubbing off on your clothes later

Happy Tanning my dears, I hope this was helpful

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