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DIY • Decorating Mugs

May 21, 2014

Inspired by the talented girls over at A Beautiful Mess I decided to decorate my own mugs for our new flat. It’s such a fun and easy little project. I drink so much tea and coffee so thought it would be lovely to have cups with my own spin on them, and the Fiance had a little input too. This is even a project you could do with Kids for fun.

diy mug sharpie.jpg

All you need is a white mug, or mugs (I started off with four but dropped one in the process, ooops!) and a sharpie pen, any colours you like. My mugs were just 35p each from Ikea, and Sharpies are no more than £1, although if you work in an office your bound to find some lying around, not that I’m encouraging one to steal, ahem, simply borrow.

Just draw your pattern, slogan, or design straight onto your mug using the Sharpie. I chose to write some of mine and The Beards favourite song lyrics. He chose Pour some Sugar on me by Def Leppard, quite fitting really. And I chose One day Baby we’ll be old … Think of all the stories we could have told by Asaf Avidan, as its the song of our Travels and means a lot. For the third mug I wrote ‘I (heart) beards’ which I do – which is why I’m marrying one (soppy moment!).

diy mug 4.jpg

Once you’ve finished decorating, simply whack the mugs in the oven at 175 degrees celsius (thats 350 fahrenheit for you folks over the pond) and leave them in there for 30 minutes. Once that 30 minutes is up make sure to leave the mugs to cool down before touching and using. But that’s it, how simple is that? Very!

Aftercare instructions: DO NOT put in the dish washer, hand wash these mugs only, or you run the risk of your beautiful artwork being scratched off.

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