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Tangles • Teezer Vs. Tamer

May 15, 2014

My hair loves to get tangled up. No matter how much I look after my locks, they still manage to get tatty and knotted. I used to really struggle with it, to the point that I would dread washing my hair because combing it afterwards was such a painful chore (and I mean painful in the literal sense).

A while ago I was given a Tangle Tamer* to try out, and more recently a Tangle Teaser. Having used both I thought I’d share my thoughts on them and tell you my preference. But firstly, I have to point out, I really don’t know all the ‘Hair Science’ behind these brushes or how they technically work; both products claim to have some sort of ‘air-cushioned pad’ and ‘innovative teeth’ but all that means very little to me, the proof is in the detangling.

Lets start with the Tangle Tamer, a Denman hairbrush that is in fact meant for Children, but has ended up lending a hand to us tatty-haired adults. It looks just like a normal brush; average size, it has a handle, in fact apart from its Pinkness, it doesn’t stand out as a particularly special kind of hairbrush … yet it is! It really is!


Tats that my previous hair brush would have to wrestle to undo, or sometimes break, were a lot easier to deal with using the the Tangle Tamer. I’m not saying every knot just disappeared with one glide, but I no longer had to play tug of war with my hair, just brush though it a couple of times and the tat was gone. Washing my hair was made a lot easier too. Before jumping in the shower I would brush out any tangles, and after washing my hair I would use it again to comb through my wet hair, before eventually drying and styling. It became a pain-free experience and cut out a good 5-10 minutes of time that would normally be spent detangling my hair in sections.


Last month I recieved the Tangle Teezer, the brush that is labelled as ‘The Original Detangling Hairbrush’. Like the Tamer it is Pink – a really nice pink actually – but it’s a different shape. It claims to be ‘ergonomically designed for a palm friendly, non-slip fit’ but I have to admit I’m not a big fan of this style. It reminds me of something you would use to groom a horse. Although the style is meant to be for the consumers benefit, I personally don’t find it easier to brush my hair with. Despite it’s ‘non-slip fit’ the Teezer has gone flying out my hands on a few occassions when I’ve been brushing my hair. I’m still using this brush now, as I’ve only had it a month, but for me it’s not as easy or as comfortable as a handle brush. I also find the rim of this brush to collect a lot of dust which I don’t like.

tangle teezer 3

The Tangle Teezer does as promised and detangles hair, but not as easily as I found the Tangle Tamer to detangle. The Teezer says it works on dry and wet hair, yet I found brushing through dry hair a little more difficult. But then again this could have been to do with the way you hold the brush – the grip style really wasn’t doing it for me.

Out of the two, I much prefer the Tangle Tamer as ultimately it’s easier and less painful to brush my hair with. But I can’t really slate the Teezer because it’s still a good brush for detangling, and makes a brilliant runner up. At the moment I’m using the Tangle Tamer as my main detangling brush, but keeping the Tangle Teezer as a ‘post hair-wash detangler’ as it works much better on my hair when wet. If you prefer the grip style brush then why not try the Tangle Teezer click here to purchase. But if like me you just want a straight forward detangling brush – with a handle – my recommendation, and my personal favourite is the Tangle Tamer, click here to purchase.

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