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April Obsessions

May 13, 2014

Better late than never…
01. Frosted Shreddies
I think I ate far too many frosted shreddies last month. I go through phases with cereals, but April appeared to be the month I could not stop eating Frosted Shreddies. Yum, yum, yum.
02. Kate Moss Lipstick in Red
I’ve had this lipstick a while, it appears to be a delayed obsession. I’ve been wearing this A LOT recently. I’ve been throwing together a few outfits and hair-do’s that are complimented really well by classic Red Lips
03. Simple products
I went a bit Simple mad this month. It kicked off when my Mum gave me a Simple lotion Cleanser, which I really really liked, and then I spotted 3 for 2 on Simple Products in Sainsbury’s, which of course I couldn’t resist splurging on. I love these products. They’re not pictured but I also got the cleansing wipes. I plan to do a post featuring these products soon.

Not many obsessions throughout April, but it was a hectic month. May is turning out to be quite hectic too, but I already have a few new obsessions that I’m sure I’ll share with you!

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