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My trusty Ray-Ban’s • PLUS 35% off

April 30, 2014

Spring is here and Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to go mad for Sunglasses. I normally go a bit mad in places like Primark and H&M, buying way too many pairs of £1 sunnies that end up snapping on me, or even worse, melting (true story!). But last year before I left to go backpacking, my Sister surprised me with a pair of Ray-Bans for my travels. It was my first ever pair of Ray-Ban’s. I loved them. They are good solid Sunglasses; mine have been dropped, thrown at me, fallen in the sea, you name it, yet they are sill without a scratch. They also do that very important job of, you know, actually shielding my eyes from the sun, which I have to say H&M sunglasses don’t seem to live up to that task. I’ve no doubt I will still buy endless pairs of cheap Sunglasses – I’ve already bought one pair from Primark – but I will always go back to my trusty Ray-Ban’s.

Fancy treating yourself to a pair of Ray-Bans, but can’t justify spending over £100? Yes they are expensive (mine were a gift, so I feel your pain) BUT Ray-Ban are doing a special offer on these beautiful Tortoise Wayfarer Sunglasses (pictured above). Just use the code 20SUNNIES at the checkout, and you will have 35% knocked off your bill. So instead of paying £109.94, you only pay £84.15 including shipping, handling & insurance. Less than £85 for a pair of Ray-Ban’s is AWESOME. You can even pay it off in Instalments. Click Here to purchase.

Expires 30th June.

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