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Photo Diary No.41

April 29, 2014

Easter Egg fun // Piccadilly Circus // Baby Harry // Dinner with friends // Lazy day // Magnum time // Sunday Bath chillaxing // Me and The Beard // I cooked a nice healthy Breakfast

My photo diary is a little early this week because I’M MOVING TOMORROW!! I’m so excited (as you could probably tell from last post) but it does mean I will be super busy, but I’m hoping the move won’t disrupt my blogging too much.
I’m really struggling at the moment with the layout of these photo diaries. For a while now I’ve done it in blocks showing four pictures at a time, as seen here, but previously I had the layout like the one I’m using today, one full block, and I think I’m leaning more towards going back to that one – which do you guys prefer? Or maybe I should do a whole new layout?

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