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Blogging 202 My Life

Seven Reasons Blogging is Awesome

April 27, 2014

Blogging has enabled me to fulfil so many of my passions; writing, photography, fashion, beauty, travel, I could go on. Some of these passions started from an early age, such as writing, whilst others only cropped up more recently such as travel and beauty. Regardless of what they are or when I began an interest in them, I’ve ended up pursuing all these interests and passions thanks to this blog! Basically, blogging is awesome, and here are my seven reasons why, see if you agree…

It’s MY Blog


The most important thing about blogging, and the most fun part for me, is that it is MY BLOG (or in your case fellow blogger, YOUR BLOG). It’s my topics, my discussions, my interests, my pictures, my thoughts, my opinions, my words, my voice.

I recently had a public spat on Twitter with a few London cab drivers after I wrote a rather jolly blog post about car company Uber (read here). The cabbies were not so pleased with my write up, calling it ‘misleading’ and branding me as ‘naive’. One tweeted: ‘Haha! Uber blog post? Surely there are more important things to write about?’ To which I responded ‘Yes far more important things, but I leave that to the professional writers…’ There was no way I was going to apologise for my blog post or take it down. I explained that ‘I tested a service. I was happy with that service. I wrote that down. Simples’. My point being that the purpose of MY blog is to write whatever I want and whatever I think. I could write a 3000 word blog post about my left nostril if I wanted, I wouldn’t, because that’s so very dull, but I could if I wanted to because it’s MY blog.

Blogging is my hobby, NOT my job


There is no editor telling me what I can and can’t discuss, no photographer telling me my pictures aren’t good enough, and no catty co-worker setting impossible tasks. Because this is not a job. I do not work at a magazine or for a website. There are no impossible tasks, there are no limits, because I’m a blogger, not a professional journo, or photographer, or editor. At no point do I ever find myself thinking ‘oh I really can’t be bothered to write my next blog post’ or ‘I wish I didn’t have to write about this particular subject’ because I choose what I write about, and ultimately I love writing and blogging, which is why it’s my full time hobby. The minute it becomes dull or I feel I’ve lost control of it, I will stop.

No experience necessary


I didn’t need to study to qualify for my blog, or receive a glowing reference from anyone. Some people say I’m a good writer, some say I’m a weak writer. Either way it doesn’t matter because I still get to write. There are no qualifications needed and no experience necessary when it comes to blogging.

I’m part of a community


The blogging community is wonderful. And big! It’s almost split into smaller communities based on blog categories or themes. As a lifestyle blogger, I read and follow a lot of other lifestyle blogs, and tend to have little gossips and chats with my fellow lifestyle bloggers, especially on Twitter. We use the hashtag #lbloggers. But should I want to indulge in more specific blogs under the lifestyle category, I can call on my chums who are using hashtags such as #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) or #fbloggers (fashion bloggers). If I feel like I need help with food or travel queries, I can simply comment on the food and travel blogs that I know will help me, or ask a question on #TravelTuesday. There are scheduled live chats on Twitter amongst bloggers, where we have Q&A’s and discuss different topics. These are really fun and very helpful, especially to new bloggers starting out. I’ve definitely made some lovely friends in the blogosphere and look forward to making more.

Blogging helped me learn new skills


There is no way that three years ago I would have been able to knock out a full blog post in HTML, but now I can, thanks to my blog. I’m no super HTML expert, but I’ve definitely learnt enough to be proud of and enough to put together a good blog post. And my photography skills have massively improved too. There’s more to blogging than just typing up some words. Maybe not for all bloggers, but in my case there is writing, proof reading, photography, image editing, HTML-ing, designing, and more recently I’ve just started filming and video editing.

I’m lucky to have this opportunity (my Parents certainly didn’t)

I’ve recently come to realise how lucky we are to be a part of this ‘web-friendly’ generation. Although there are so many complaints about the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram taking over our lives, I believe the internet has also given our generation so many more opportunities than our older generations ever had. We have the means to voice our opinion, be as colourful and creative with it as we want, and then share it with the world within seconds. Want to be a presenter? Or a guru? Or just offer advice? You can host your own YouTube channel. Got a Fashion label but no money to rent a shop? No need, you can set up a store online using eBay, Etsy, or one of the other marketplace sites. These opportunities were not around 20 years ago, so we should consider ourselves lucky. In my case I wanted to write, I wanted share my thoughts, my ideas, my photographs and inspire others, and thanks to my blog, I can do that. Because let’s face it, 10-20 years ago we would have called that a diary. And no one shared their diary.

Blogging pushes me to reach my Goals


I’m all about setting and achieving goals. But if I set myself goals, and then blog about them, I feel more of an urge and a need to achieve them. If I’ve publicly shared my goals then I’m ten times more likely to achieve it as no one likes admitting to failure. On several occasions I’ve completed goals that I’ve set out for myself because I’ve blogged about them, such as Motivational March. I also began blogging about my plans to go travelling way back in 2012 and that goal has certainly been achieved. More recently I’ve created a 30 before 30 list and I’m determined to do every single one on that list! What I’m trying to say is, blogging can help you achieve your dreams, which is AWESOME!

My blog is my Baby and I know so many other bloggers would agree with me. It’s fun, it’s inspiring and blogging has helped me achieve so much. So I raise a glass to my blog, your blog, and our friend and host the internet.

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  • I love all of these reasons and couldn’t agree with you more.
    Blogging has become a big part of my life, I don’t think, when I started, did I think it would become as important to me as it has. But I’m so glad that I enjoy it so much .

  • Tink Jayne

    Glad you agree Kimmy.
    I agree with you too, love my blog and it is definitely a big part of my life and who I am. I didn’t plan that either
    Heres to blogging! Hurrah x x