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The Ideal Home Show • My Top 5 Brands

April 21, 2014

01.Sparkles Lips

This is a product I am desperate to buy. It does exactly what it says on the tin. All the girls on the stalls where wearing Sparkles Lips and they looked amazing. There was a fantastic selection of colours to chose from, seriously check out the beautiful girl below. This is definitely on my Wish list.


02. Mo You Nails

It was my Sister who discovered the MoYou nails stall, and excitedly dragged me over. MoYou is Japanese for Pattern, and that is basically what this brand is all about – making pretty patterns on your nails. Using a plate with patterns on, you paint nail varnish onto your chosen design, then transfer onto your nail by scraping off, rolling the stamp, then stamping your finger nail. MoYou has hundreds of patterns and designs; for £30 I got five discs of patterns, along with a scraper, a stamp, and three nail varnishes of my choice – I opted for white, silver and gold.


03.Simply Vintage

From vintage tea cups, to beautiful fabrics, to milk bottles (!!), I loved everything for sale on this stall, and definitely want to make a few purchases for the new flat. I loved the glass milk bottles and straws, I don’t even know what I would do with them or use them for but I love them.


04.Sass & Belle

My Mum, my Sisters and I are all about cute slogans and adorable poems. So it was no shock that we all fell in love with Sass & Belle and their cute pieces. This brand is perfect for girly gifts, whether its Mothers Day, Valentines, Christmas, even a gal pals birthday, or a wedding gift, think of Sass & Belle for a cute but meaningful present.



You wont believe it, but all these tools that look like they belong in a garage, are chocolate! I spotted these and at first thought it was a dull stall I needed to bypass, until I saw the chap behind the counter eating a paint brush and discovered this was a novelty chocolate brand. Schokolat is so creative and so beautiful, you could quite easily mistake the Schokolate screwdriver for a real screw driver. I know what I’m getting my Dad for Fathers Day!


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