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30 Before 30

April 13, 2014

Last April, Ollie and I met a girl. I can’t remember her name, but we met her on our very first night in Beijing. It turned out it was the last night of her trip, and this trip was the penultimate of 30 different trips she had set herself to go on before she turned 30, calling it ’30 before 30′. Originally from England, but based in Hong Kong, the girl was flying back to the city the following day. But her 30th Birthday was the following weekend, and was to be celebrated with friends on the Island of Lantau (just off Hong Kong) on her final trip. She had only set herself the assignment 14 months prior to her 30th Birthday, yet she had accomplished so much in that time.

Inspired by the adventurous girl, and in honour of my 28th Birthday, I decided to create my very own ’30 Before 30′ list. I’ve been working on this list since February. Although there are quite afew travel destinations on this list, it’s more of general bucket list than a travel list. I’ve always loved the idea of doing a Bucket List, but a lifetime of goals would be a ridiculously long list. So why not do it in chapters? I’ve listed 30 things I hope to accomplish before I turn 30. I’ve got two years to do all the below, some are small and silly, some are life-long dreams…

01. Visit Paris again
It’s been ten years since I visited Paris. I fell in love with the French capital when I took a five day trip there for my 18th Birthday. When I returned to England I vowed I would return there as quickly as I could. Ten years on and I’ve still not made the trip back. Well, now I’m fully determined to head back as soon as I can to indulge in Parisian life.

02. Immeliorer mon Francais (improve my French)
… or atleast be able to have a conversation in French. That’s my goal. I’ve been saying for years (literally ten years) that I want to learn French. What am I waiting for? The French language isnt going to just work it’s way into my mind by itself. I’m not planning to be fluent in it, I just want enough to understand the language and say ‘oh yeah, I speak a little French’.

03. Put a padlock on the Pont de l’Archeveche Bridge with Ollie
Coinciding with goal #1 and goal #2, during a trip to Paris I would love for me and Ollie to add our own padlock to this famous landmark. I hear that it’s struggling for Space these days, so the sooner the better, but I love the idea of being part of this romantic monument and being part of history.

04. Take up yoga
I love the idea of Yoga. But I’m scared of gyms. I just don’t like them. Therefore this has put me off Yoga classes. But I plan to get started using either a DVD or a YouTube tutorial. Maybe once I’ve figured Yoga out, I’ll be brave enough to join an advanced class.

05. Buy, and learn to use, a DSLR camera.
This is more of a ‘improve my photography skills’ goal, but that just sounds boring. I have wanted a DSLR for a while, it’s just about finding the right camera for me and putting it to good use.

06. Eat Pizza and drink wine in Rome
Ever since reading and watching Eat Pray Love back in 2011, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of going to Rome. Once I get there, I plan to eat Pizza, Pasta and drink lots of Red wine.

07. Go to a Disney theme park
I’ve never been to a Disney theme park *sobs* I feel like I’ve missed out. But I’m a big kid when it comes to Disney films and despite being 28, I would still be ecstatically excited to go to Disney Land and meet Mickey and the gang.

08. Swim with Dolphins
I know this is such a cliche, but it would be a dream come true. I was gutted I didnt get the chance to do it in Australia. Up North it was too expensive, and in the south we were too far from the location spots. I did see lots of Dolphins whilst I was in the Gold Coast, but to actually swim with them would be incredible

09. Learn Advanced Pole Dancing
Whilst in Australia, I learnt the basics of Pole Dancing and found it was a great way to get fit and stay in shape, whilst also quite an intense exercise. I now want to move onto advanced pole training and really push my body to the limits, whilst having plenty of fun and developing routines.

10. Visit Cornwall
As much fun as travelling abroad is, I made a promise whilst I was away that I would do more travelling in the UK. And one place I want to re-visit is Cornwall. I went as a child, but can remember very little about it. All I know is it’s supposed to be beautiful and beachy, two words I’m very fond of.


11. Spend a weekend in Amsterdam
I feel like I’m the only person I know who hasn’t been to Amsterdam. Everyone tells me their incredible stories of all the amazing weekends they’ve had in Amsterdam, whilst I havent had one. Well I definitely feel ready to go over there and work on my own amazing Amsterdam story.

12. Volunteer for a charity
When I was in my early teens I did so much charity work. My friends and I organised events for Charity, I ran fun-day races, I was part of SVP. But apart from a 5k race a few years ago, these days I do nothing. I plan to change that. I want to start helping others again.

13. Give Blood
Another first, but I feel it’s incredibly important.

14. Attend the Rio Carnival
Whilst I have various mini breaks, weekends away and local trips planned, South America is my next big destination to be travelled through. And there is no way I’m heading to that side of the world and missing the most famous carnival in the world.

15. Start working on a story/book
I love writing, and as a child wrote hundreds of stories and poems. My parents always encouraged me to write when I was younger, and would badger me about writing a book, but then I grew up and got a job, and that was that. But about two weeks ago, I recieved a text off my Mum with just three words in it: ‘Write a Book’. And for the first time I didnt say ‘No’ or ‘I can’t write’. Instead, I simply said: ‘Ok’. I mean, why not try?

16. Organise a low-budget but beautiful wedding
Even if I had a spare £25-30k just lying around, I’m not sure I could spend it on my Wedding. Whilst I can’t wait to get married and I want it to be Beautiful, I don’t necessarilly believe you need loads of money to achieve that. And I don’t have that kind of money anyway, nor would I want anyone else forking out for it! I believe I can have a beautiful wedding without splurging tens of thousands of pounds. This is almost a seperate challege in itself, but I’m so excited to plan my Wedding, especially as I want to do a lot of it DIY style.

17. Hire a car and drive to the Loch Ness in Scotland
I am a firm believer in the Loch Ness monster. I’d love to go on a trip to Scotland and see the Loch itself (whilst also doing some monster searching).

18. Go and see Wicked the Musical
I’m still reading the book, but I’ve wanted to see this musical for so long. I love the Wizard of Oz, The Return to Oz and anything Oz related. I’ve heard great things about this production and think it would be a great night out.

19. Pop a champagne cork
That sounds ridiculous, but I’ve never done it, I’m too scared. I’ve never even opened a bottle of wine with a cork screw (not unless using one of those wine-opening contraptions counts?) Before I turn 30, I HAVE to do this.

20. Go to an Indian restaurant and eat a full Indian meal
This probably sounds so average, but Indian is my least favourite food. Mainly because I have never eaten a lot of it. Prior to my travels to Asia, I didnt eat ANY spicy food. Now that I have opened up my taste buds to (slighty/some) spicy foods, I feel as though I should try Indian. Even though nothing about it invites me in – apart from it’s beautiful colours – I feel like I’m missing out and should give it a go.


21. Read 100 books
This may seem a little extreme, BUT, technically I have over 103 weeks until I turn 30, meaning I could try and read one book a week. I’m really not sure how this one will go, in fact I’m almost certain that 100 books in two years is way too much for me because I’m such a fussy reader and I get bored really easily, but I will just have to find books that really REALLY hold my atention. I’m also hoping it will encourage me with goal #15. Wish me luck.

22. Clear my overdraft
I still live in my graduate overdraft. Not cool. I graduated five years ago. It’s time to pay that thing thing of.

23. Treat myself to a Spa day
I’ve never been to a spa. Can you believe it? Well that needs to change!

24. Host a Dinner Party for friends
Now that I’m cooking, and plan to cook and bake more often, I’d love to have friends round to our new flat for a good old fashioned Dinner Party, I’ve been to quite a few but never hosted.

25. Party in Vegas
I don’t even feel like I need to explain. I want to go to Vegas. That’s it.

26. Custom make my own floral headbands
I’ve had this idea for literally two years, but STILL havent got round to making them. I love floral headpieces, and I’m even considering making my own for my wedding, but I need to get off my lazy bum and make the damned things.

27. Learn cups [When I’m gone]
I’m referring to the scene in Pitch Perfect, where Anna Kendrick sings When I’m Gone and plays the cups. I tried learning the sequence one hot evening last November in Cairns, and I was sort of … good … ish. But now I’ve completely forgotten it. But I shall learn it.

28. Go Hydro Zorbing
Anyone else think Hydro Zorbing looks amazing? Rolling down a hill in a giant ball of water? Yes please.

29. Go one month without make-up
I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do ‘The 30 Day Challenge’ where they give something up, or do something completely different for a month, such as going vegan for a month. Going sans make-up for 30 days will be quite a challenge for me, however, I am sort of cheating with this one as I’m planning to do this when I go travelling again, as it’s a lot easier to go make-up free when your backpacking through a hot country. But we’ll see…

30. Marry Ollie
No doubt my most precious goal, yet the easiest to achieve. Nothing will make me happier than saying those vows and becoming his wife.


And there you have my ’30 before 30′ list that has taken me two months to put together. I hope that in two years time I can write a blog post ticking each and every one of these goals and dreams off, that would be fantastic. Wish me luck!

Do you have a Bucket list of some sort? Or even just life-long dreams you hope to achieve? I’d love to hear what other people have on their lists.

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  • Good luck with all your goals. They all sound amazing. I cant wait to be finished uni and travel the world :)
    Laura x

  • Tink Jayne

    Thanks Laura!
    Your gonna have so much when you travel.
    Sounds like your havin fun at Uni though. Enjoy it – I miss student life :(
    x Tink x

  • Love this list!!! I’d also love to one day eat pizza and drink wine in Rome!
    DSLR cameras are great and way less scary than they first seem. Wicked the Musical and Hydro Zorbing and both AMAZE! Get onto those pronto.
    As for the champagne cork, i hear you sister!!

  • Love this list! You can defo get every one ticked off plus more I reckon. I have just 1year to go till the big 30 and have started my list too. Better get crackin!

  • Tink Jayne

    What is it about popping champagne corks that is so scary??? Xx

  • Tink Jayne

    Thanks Katy. If I can accomplish more I’d be delighted. Here’s hoping :) xxx

  • I love this! I’ve never been to Paris, but I’ve always wanted to. I got an A* in GCSE French but haven’t used it since, and always say I’m going to improve it. I really want to go to Rome and eat pizza and drink wine too. Plus I’m coming up to my 28th Birthday, I may have to do one of these lists! And as for pole dancing, it’s what I do for fitness. There’s plenty of classes all over the UK, and it’s great. It’s the only fitness thing I’ve ever stuck to. I love it, and everyone is friendly, it’s a great little community. xx

  • Tink Jayne

    I defo advise doing a 30 before 30. I love setting goals (especially fun ones). And put Paris on the list. It’s a great city to visit – put that GCSE to work ;)
    Pole is so much fun! I was quite unfit when I started yet so surprised how much my body could take (painful at first but worth it!) xxxx

  • Hey lovely, I love your blog and I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my page xxx

    Chanelle, xx

  • Sherina Shereen

    love your lists… xoxo.. hope all of it will be granted.

  • Tink Jayne

    Thank you! Was just thinking this morning I need to get on it, it’s been a month and I haven’t completed one, uh-oh x x