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Surviving 27

April 9, 2014


Today is my 28th Birthday. Which means I definitely won’t be joining the 27 Club. I think you have to be a musician to join that club anyway, or worthy of some sort of fame or talent, and unfortunately I can in no way put myself in the same category as Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin or Amy Winehouse … Nevertheless, let’s just take a moment to celebrate that I’m still alive and I survived my 27th year on this planet *Applauds*

I have to admit that last year when it was nearing the end of my 26th year, I was a little nervous! Not because I was actually scared of the 27 club (obviously!) but because 27 is a really odd age. I’m not one to complain about getting older as I believe it is a privilege we should all appreciate. But there seems to be a huge gap between 26 and 27. At 26 you are still classed as a mid-twenty something person. Yet in the blink of an eye and a tick of the clock, you turn 27 and become a late-twenty something person. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that I was about to be in my late twenties.

I was scared.

But you know what?

27 rocked!

I always claimed that 25 was the best year of my life, but 27 has now officially topped it. I’ve done some incredible things since turning 27 last April. In fact my 27th year kicked off in China, with a birthday spent photographing Beijing’s Forbidden City, followed by cocktails in a rooftop bar watching the Sunset. What an amazing first day of being a late-twenty something woman. And not to rub it in, but that was the first of so many, in fact hundreds of wonderful days like that.

27 is the age I officially made friends with a Tiger…


… and some Elephants …


… And not forgetting my friends The Monkey Family.


27 is the age I watched more than 25 separate beautiful sunsets on the other side of the world.


27 is the age that I met and welcomed so many new cultures and religions into my life.


27 is the age I made some amazing international friends.


27 is the age that I finally opened my mind, and more importantly my mouth, to Spicy foods.


27 is the age that I finally overcame my fear of flying (well, mostly, no more crying on take off).


27 is the age I got engaged. In Sydney. On the harbour. Just saying.


27 is the age I gained a beautiful Nephew


27 is the age I travelled to the furthest point I’ve ever been; the most eastern point of Australia


Despite 25 being a superb year, and 26 wasn’t half bad, 27 kicked their booties. Just looking at that list above proves that you never know what your future holds. Two years ago I wouldn’t have predicted any one of the above things happening to me. Now I have photo albums and scrap books to showcase them all. The past 12 months wasn’t a case of surviving 27, it was a case of grabbing 27, giving her a big hug and becoming best friends with her.

For me I feel as though I’m having more fun the older I get, just in different ways! So, Happy Birthday to me! I’ll really miss you 27, it’s been great. But 28, it’s nice to meet you, shall we get started then?

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