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Bloggers Love Fashion Week • London

April 7, 2014

Two weeks ago I attended Bloggers Love first ever Fashion Week. You may have seen the hashtag #BLFW filling up your twitter feed, well this is what it refers to – Bloggers Love Fashion Week. Yup, us Bloggers now get our very own Fashion week, go us.

The event was spread over three days, but with a busy schedule that week, I was only able to attend the first day. Day One hosted a ‘Garden Chic’ dress code and theme. I threw on my new favourite outfit (watch the vlog above for outfit deets) donned bright red lips, and jumped into my complimentary Mercedes Benz and was chauffeured off to the event.

‘Complimentary Mercedes Benz?’ I hear you say. Yes, the lovely people over at Bloggers Love were kind enough to offer some of those attending a special discount code bagging them a free ride with the company Uber. To find out more about Uber and my oh so posh experience being chaufferd to the event, read my previous blog post.


Bloggers Love Fashion Week was held at the Penthouse in Leicester Square. Having been off the radar for a year (due to backpacking), I don’t actually know that many bloggers on a personal level, and the few I do know where not attending this event, so I did feel like a little lost lamb when I walked in and saw everyone chatting away to each other. I could feel a mixture of anxiety and shyness begin to set in. Luckily this feeling was soon lost when I met the wonderfully friendly designers and brand managers who each had an area set up showcasing their goods. The gal from ShoeLicks was particularly lovely, forgive me, I can’t remember her name, but she was so friendly, and also wearing a fab outfit, which look, I even took a photo of.


ShoeLicks were by far my favourite brand of the evening, and I purchased some to pimp up my shoes. They are basically beautifully designed stickers to jazz up your heels. I can’t wait for this brand to expand and see what other sort of designs and patterns they come up with. Watch my vlog to see them featured.


All the designers and people were lovely, and I had some great chats with them. I loved the story behind the company Guirado Designs. These beautiful scarves are adorned with the artwork of Juan Antonio Guirado, whose daughter decided to create the beautiful silk scarf collection, in honour of Guirado after he passed away in 2010. Being a budget girl, these silk scarves are not something I would normally even consider looking at, as they range from £150 – £280, but they are so incredibly beautiful that if I had the cash, I’d defo slpash. I mean, seriously look at them…




Even their Business cards are stunning. Look, I took this one and plan to frame and hang up in the new flat.


Another brand I can’t afford, but that really struck gold with me, was Apache Rose London. I loved their chunky bracelets. And even though the one I wanted was £99 for the piece, having tried it on I can totally see it’s worth it, the pieces are so heavy and so beautiful and are meant to be in an investment for their customers, after the designers at Apache Rose were fed up of high street stores making similar bracelets that just fall apart. This bracelet is officially on the wishlist.


Other brands definitely worth mentioning are Taro Collection (who I loved and can be seen below), Major London 05, Majenta Beauty, Maro, Nadia Minkoff, Rachel Black Millinery and Uunique London.





After about 40 minutes of perusing beautiful things I currently can’t afford, I decided to head over to the bar to grab myself a ‘Bloggertini’ a cocktail created especially for the event. How clever. ‘One bloggertini please?’ I shouted to the bartender. ‘What’s that now? £9.50??’ Have I been hanging out in Liverpool too long or is that an extortionate to price for what looked like a few a teeny tiny drops of alcohol? Tap water it was for me then.




At 7.30pm I headed upstairs for the Fashion Show, (were I also gobbled down a delicious cake) and perched next to some beautifully dressed girls, I assume they were fellow bloggers, but I was too shy to introduce myself (I need to work on that). Once the music came on it was cameras at the ready, as five beautiful models strutted their stuff, showing off some great outfits, and cute accessories. My favourite pieces though were the outfits by featured brand Reiss. Pretty dresses and girly suits that also screamed out ‘Power Woman ‘. To see the show, check out my vlog (above).

After the Fashion Show (and all the cake) I left the Penthouse and took a stroll through China Town before jumping on the tube to head back to West London.


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