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April 6, 2014


A few weeks ago I attended an event and was very lucky to be given a complimentary ride* into London, courtesy of Uber to promote their amazing new app. Uber is a luxury car service offering you glamorous cars set at cheaper rates than most taxi’s can offer. Obviously I jumped at the chance to be chauffeured around London in a beautiful ride.

A very shiny Mercedez Benz picked me up in Kilburn and dropped me off at Leicester Square, a journey I would normally do by tube, but had I paid for this journey, it would have only cost me between £14 – £17! That’s half the price I would normally pay for a cab, who tend to charge a crazy price of £25 – £30.

How it works is, you download the free app – available from the App Store – and register with Uber. Next time you want to book a ride, whether it’s for an important meeting, or a night out with your friends, just open the app, which uses GPS to find you, and tell it where you want to go. Once it’s figured out your route it gives you three different quotes. A luxury car quote, an exec car quote, and a cheap car quote. Can you believe that the Mercedes Benz that picked me up was one of the cheap cars?? Lord knows what sort of wheels will turn up if you were to book a luxury car (only one way to find out!)


Once you have booked your car, the app will tell you who your driver is, including a photo of him or her, and tell you how long he or she will be. As a woman I like this detail, as it is a lot safer. And should you leave your purse or phone in the car (it happens to all of us) at least with Uber there is a 90% chance of getting it back as they have a record of your entire journey and you are able to contact them to retrieve it, as appose to your personal items driving off in a strangers cab never to be seen again.

When signing up, you register your bank account or PayPal account, so there is no faffing about with cash or ATM’s.

Delighted with this service I have added the Uber App to my home screen and definitely plan to use again, I mean, why not arrive in style at all future events? No excuse now.

Although Uber is a global company, and forever growing and expanding, for GB it is only currently available in London and Dublin. I recently featured Uber in my BLFW vlog which you can watch HERE

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