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March Obsessions

April 1, 2014


01. Berry Poptarts. I went through a few boxes of these whilst staying at my parents. I haven’t had Poptarts in years, have they made a comeback? Or have I just been shopping in the wrong places? Whatever the answer, I have no doubt made up for my lack of Poptarts in recent years by gorging on these delicious berry ones over the month of March.

02. Afternoon Tea. Twice in March I popped down to Annie’s Tea Rooms, my new fave Liverpool hang out, to be all lady like and sip tea and eat scones. The first with my Aunty and the second time with my Sister (which you can read about here or better yet, watch the vlog here). The only problem is now that I’m back in London, I’m having to drink my Afternoon Tea out of a mug and make do with digestive biscuits. Not as elegant eh?

03. Pimm’s Blackberry & Elderflower. I discovered this last week when looking for something to drink on the tube (such a classy girl), there were delays on the lines as usual and my journey from West to East was going to take twice as long. Luckily purchasing two of these perked up the ride. These taste delicious, I instantly felt summery. I also love the packaging.

04. New Look Ring. So I’m still to get a proper engagement ring off the FiancΓ©e, mainly because we are still in the process of sorting out a flat, and obviously a roof over our heads comes before jewellery. However I did pick up this really pretty ring in New Look that was on sale for just Β£1.75 and decided to start wearing it on my wedding finger as my engagement ring! It was more just to get used to wearing one and because I thought it was pretty, but I can’t believe just how many people have commented on it thinking it was real. Well done New Look, I will be buying cheap jewellery from you more often.

Not really a lot of Obsessions for March, mainly because of the move back to London, the job hunt, blah blah blah, it’s all been a bit hectic and I haven’t been able to indulge in a lot. Hopefully next months post will be a but more exciting.

What have you been obsessing over recently??

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