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Motivational March • The Finale

March 31, 2014

motivationalmarchSo today is the last day of March. My month of Motivation has come to an end. This is my fourth and final update. I have to say, it was definitely a success, and I’m so glad I decided to do it. Okay, so I didn’t achieve all my goals, but two outta three ain’t bad right? Lets get the failing bit out the way. One of my goals was to get fit and start exercising, but I instead put on weight and even went up a dress size. I should be miserable about this and kicking myself for failing, but I’m so happy with the other two goals I achieved that they are completely over shadowing this fail… The first goal I had was to start baking and cooking which I excelled in; baking cakes, pancakes, and even cooking dinner for my family (this may explain the weight gain), and my third goal was to begin vlogging. Well, I kicked that goal right in the tush, and have busted out three vlogs this month, woop woop! The first was my Hair Tutorial, the second is a day in the life vlog which I’ve posted below (a girly day with my Big Sis), and the third is live on YouTube now (click here to view) but I wont be posting on my blog till later today. I also attended my first Bloggers Love Fashion Week last week, which I vlogged plenty of, so I will start working on that video this week (I have to say I have a new found respect for daily vloggers, I’m still getting used to this video editing stuff, but I’ve no idea how they do it everyday!) So Motivational March was plenty of fun, and well worth it. This time last month I was a stranger to vlogging and video editing, and now I have a new skill set, not to mention more confidence. I may be several pounds heavier (or more) but thats because I’ve been well fed on sweet tasty delights made by yours truly. Thanks to all the other bloggers who supported me, and of course took part. Now, why not sit back and enjoy my ‘Girly Day’ vlog which also includes a Primark Haul.

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