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Earth Hour • Switch off your social life

March 22, 2014


Don’t worry, I’m not talking bout switching off your actual social life, just your social MEDIA life, which if your reading this, I’m guessing may be a little more active than your Social life, am I right? I know my social media life is, at the moment anyway, more buzzing than my actual social life. But the switch off is for a good cause – EarthHour.

I have never really given much thought to or taken part in Earth Hour, it usually somehow sneaks past me and by the time I remember, it has been and gone! But this year I am well aware and ready to join Earth Hour … in my own little way of course. For those that have never even heard of Earth Hour, it’s an annual campaign organised by the WWF where all are encouraged to switch off their lights (and further electrical items) for one whole hour, to celebrate their commitment to our dearly loved, but often unappreciated, Planet Earth.

I don’t have a flat at the moment, I’m currently couch surfing around London, so I can’t exactly switch off all my lights because I don’t have any (maybe that’s me already doing my bit!) Instead I have made a deal with Mother Earth to switch off my iPhone for the duration of Earth Hour. My iPad too. As a constant instagrammer, tweeter and facebooker, my commitment shall be celebrated via a technology snooze. And I urge you to do the same. Switch off your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, Xbox, or whatever it is your fingertips are constantly attached too; give those radio waves a rest, pull the plug on that electricity, and give yourself a break from the online word and join the good old REAL world for an hour.

Earth Hour takes place between 8.30pm and 9.30pm TONIGHT! I shall be switching off my social media life, and conversing with friends with some Saturday night drinks, in other words, enjoying my real social life while Mother Earth is pampered for an hour.

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