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Motivational March Update • Vlogging

March 20, 2014


This is my third #MotivationalMarch update, and unfortunately I have very little to report on my plans to get fit because I’ve been too busy eating cakes. However I did finally pluck up the courage to start YouTubing *pats herself on the back*

As mentioned previously, I’ve been toying with the idea of vlogging for over a year, but I was terrified. Yet Monday morning I was suddenly overcome with energy and motivation to film a video …. so I did. Not wanting to get ahead of myself, I decided to ease myself into it with a simple hair tutorial. I did my make up, set up my camera, got all my hair bits and hit the record button.

I’m happy to report that I enjoyed the whole experience! Despite a bit of a kerfuffle halfway through, and some lighting problems, it was splendid. Filming, I felt a bit daft at first, but soon I relaxed and became a little more chatty. I loved editing the video, I’ve never done any video editing before, so whilst it did get a little tedious towards the end with the music and timings, I still really enjoyed playing about with it and figuring out my video style. And I got a wonderful response, with over 30 views on the day of upload and I gained four subscribers (five if you include my boyfriend who I forced to subscribe to my channel!)

I definitely plan to do some more videos, and I’ve already got one in the works and have been filming with my sister over the past few days, so definitely watch this space, in fact if you want to subscribe to my channel click here, or to watch my Hair Tutorial just click here or read my previous post.

In the meantime, I have to break the news that at the moment I’m not feeling too confident about my #MotivationalMarch ‘Get Fit’ plan. The first 20 days of the month have been spent eating EVERYTHING!! I don’t think I’ve ever consumed so much food, in fact I’ve gone up a dress size and I can’t fit into my old skinny jeans. Surely that should be my motivation right there, but I just don’t seem to care right now. I’d much rather concentrate on my other two goals, vlogging, and cooking and baking (mmmmm, cake!). But we’ll see how it goes …

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