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The 99p Haul • Home Bargains

March 15, 2014

the 99p haul

I love discount shopping! My favorite store for this is Home Bargains (but for some reason me and my family call it Home AND Bargain). For those that have never heard of or been to a Home Bargains store, I really feel for you, in fact I urge you to find one NOW and get shopping. The store sells food and sweets, homeware and decor, but best of all it has a great beauty section. I’ve been twice recently, and picked up some absolute gems, so thought I would do a haul!

discount haul 12

discount haul 13

My favourite item is the red tumblr. Totally unnecessary, a complete impulse purchase, I did not need this item. This was a total ‘Want Want Want’ item (come to think of it they all were). But this was only 99p, a bargain considering Starbucks sell similar ones for £9.95!

discount haul 1

discount haul 4

discount haul 2

discount haul 3

I have never ever heard of this brand, Macadamia, but the pretty packaging is what first caught my eye, the low price was the second. Both of these products, the shampoo, and the hair mask were both just 99p, so I couldn’t resist. There was a few different products from this brand, but I chose the shampoo, simply because I had ran out, and I chose the hair mask as an attempt to revitalise my hair. My hair is so damaged and brittle at the moment I thought I’d give this Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Mask a go. I’ve actually been using this for over a week now and I and really like it, but that’s another story for another time.

discount haul 11

Believe it or not, I have never worn a face mask, I know nothing about them. However I did recognise this brand, Montagne Jeunesse, from posts written by other beauty bloggers, so thought I would try some out, especially with a price tag of just 79p each. There was a good selection of masks to choose from, but I went for the Anti Stress Mud Pac and the Anti Stress Peel-Off Masque.

discount haul 7

discount haul 8

discount haul 9

Next up is another new brand – dermaV10. Again I’ve never heard of it, but I purchased their anti-wrinkle cream, their coconut body butter, and a pack of their lip care jellies. The antti-wrinkle cream I need! My face isn’t exactly looking like a crinkled up receipt, but there’s lines creeping up around the eyes that I do not care for, I’m hoping this stuff will put them on hold. Again, another absolute bargain of just 99p!! It comes wonderfully packaged in a cute little tub, and when I got home and tested on my skin, it was so cool and refreshing, it was like putting yoghurt on my face.

discount haul 5

discount haul 6

I love the taste of coconut (bounty anyone?) so when I saw this tub of coconut body butter for just 89p, I couldn’t resist popping it in my basket. It smells incredible. And it feels wonderful on my skin. I’m not sure what I’m expecting this to do for my skin, but I don’t care as long as it smells good!

discount haul 10

And finally the lip care jellies, which were £1.79, are the most expensive item in this haul. I purchased these to keep in my bag, as I’m so prone to dry and chapped lips I thought they would come in handy. The green tin is with Aloe Vera, which I love.

Other amazing purchases included the six creme eggs (now gone) just £1.99. A bottle of Stella Cider for £1 (now drank), eight fudge bars for 99p (also demolished), cans of diet coke for just 19p! A ketchup bottle shaped like a tomato for only 39p …. I saw this and thought it was very cute; I thought why not purchase for my new flat (which I’m yet to find because I’m yet to get a job). I also bought goodies for Pancake day too such as whipped cream for 89p, and a big bag of marshmallows for 69p -see my pancake goodies here.

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