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Baking for Dummies • Pink Banana Cupcakes

March 12, 2014

cooking 24As promised in my last post, here is the recipe I used to create my tasty little Pink Banana Cupcakes. It’s simple and straightforward – obviously or I wouldn’t have been able to make them myself – but you can mix up this recipe by adding your own ingredients and putting your own spin on these little gems.

Here is what you will need:
Paper cases
125g Butter
1/2 Teaspoon of vanilla extract
165g Caster Sugar
3 Eggs
300g Self-raising flour
60ml Milk
1 or 2 Bananas (or perhaps try something else?)

For the Icing:
320g Icing Sugar
20g Melted butter
2 Tablespoons of hot water, approximately
Pink Food dye (or whatever colour you like)
Any other cake decorations you want to add

1) Preheat your oven to 180 degrees, or 160 for a fan oven, and prepare your baking tray by lining up 24 cupcake cases.

cooking 112) Basically, whack all the ingredients in a bowl together, bar the icing ingredients. For the Banana it’s best to add in as mashed up pieces. I used one Banana, but wish I had used two because I love the taste. So depending on how strong you want these to taste, throw in one for weak or two for strong. Or more if your Bananas for Bananas.

cooking 12

cooking 13

cooking 143) Beat all these ingredients with an electric mixer, or if your as useless as me in the kitchen and have no idea where it’s kept or what it looks like, use whatever electric stirring/mixing utensil you can find, in my case, a soup blender. I don’t advise trying to mix by hand, as it really needs to be beaten. Of course that is completely up to you though, I’m no expert, I’m probably just weak! Start mixing on a low speed, and then increase speed. Do this for about three minutes until the mix is nice and smooth.

4) Next start dishing the mix evenly into the paper cases and bake the cakes for twenty minutes. Once baked leave to cool. I actually didn’t ice mine till the next day, but you can ice them as soon as they cool down, say five minutes or so.

cooking 15

cooking 275) Now the fun part, making your own icing! First melt your butter. I literally just put mine in a pan for about 30 seconds, and then poured it into my bowl of icing sugar. Then add the water and stir together until you get a thick paste, adding more water or icing sugar if it gets too thick/runny. Whilst mixing add in a few drops of your dye.

cooking 16

cooking 176) When it comes to icing you could just use a spoon and your fingers and scoop it out onto the cakes. It’s messy, but fun and of course you’ll have lots of icing to lick off your fingers, yum! BUT – Thats what I always do.  This time I really wanted to make some effort with the presentation, so I decided to make my own Icing dispenser. I found a nozzle in my Mums cupboard, but no icing bag (or whatever the technical name for it is). So instead I took a plastic sandwich/lunch bag and placed a whole at the bottom, in the middle, not too big, just enough so that I could sit the nozzle through the whole. I then tied a teeny tiny elastic band around it to secure it, those ones you use for your hair (don’t worry it hadn’t been used before) and using my spoon I filled up the bag with icing.

cooking 187) I was chuffed to bits with my DIY dispenser, what a masterpiece. I squeezed down onto the icing and then moved the nozzle in a circular motion on the cake, starting from the outside. It worked! I got through a few cakes …. but then the elastic band broke and it sort of fell apart, but it was the thought and effort that counts! I was still able to use it to squeeze the icing out the hole.

8) Once iced, feel free to add any other cake decorations or treats. I found some edible pearls and candy butterflies in my Mums baking cupboard so added them on top. Let the icing set and voila! You have your cakes!

cooking 22

Some of mine turned out great …

cooking 21

cooking 19

Some not so great …

cooking 23

cooking 20Either way, give yourself a pat on the back, make a cuppa, and sit down and enjoy your homemade cakes

cooking 26

Just to add, I used a Banana because it’s my favourite fruit and I had one lying around (as you do), but you could make them Pink Blueberry cakes if you liked. Or why not make try Banana and Chocolate Chip cakes? In fact do you even like Bananas? Because if not you could make Chocolate Orange cakes? You could even make Orange icing. Whatever your taste is, I urge you to be as creative as you can, even if that results in ‘Green Walnut & Marshmallow Cupcakes’ just as long as you don’t make ‘Regular Cupcakes’. If you do cook up some whacky cupcakes I’d love to see them so please leave a link, or email me a picture.

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