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Photo Diary No.34

March 12, 2014

My parents are finally back from their holiday! Hooray! So it’s no longer just me and the dogs. But whilst they were away it was a tad lonely, hence all the food. I kept busy by cooking, baking and watching lots of movies with plenty of junk food. Basically, I ate a lot in their absence, and have definitely put on a few pounds, yikes! Maybe next weeks photo diary will feature lots of health and fitness pics …. unlikely.


imageMade a bit of an extravagant hot chocolate // My new GIFSG iPhone case* as featured in my iHaul // Bit of tumblr’ing – Follow me // Amazing nail regram from @LlyMlrs who I tend to stalk on Instagram

image Teebo, I assume doing some reflecting // Cider! Purchased for Β£1! // Strawberry cupcakes // Nan’s homemade sweet & sour chickenimageGetting my Bake on // Fresh out the oven // Tried out these Bustin’ Berry Pop Tarts // Took a trip to the beachimageMy homemade Pink Banana cupcakes – get the recipe here // Love my new 99p tumbler, Starbucks eat your heart out // Puppy cuddles // OOTD: 9th March

imageWine & Italian munch // The Lion King // At the beach with my Parents (their back!) and the dogs // Can’t stop eating creme eggs

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