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Motivational March Update • Cooking & Baking

March 10, 2014

motivational march cooking baking

On the 1st of March I wrote a blog post called Motivational March, discussing the goals I hoped to achieve throughout this month – get exercising, do some cooking or baking, and start vlogging.  So I thought I should do a little update. This particular post is going to focus on my cooking and baking and my time spent in the kitchen so far (mainly because there isn’t much to report on for the other two goals yet, oops).

I’ve actually been quite down this week! In my Motivational March post, I mentioned that I was quite surprised that I hadn’t really suffered from any post-travelling blues. Well, this week they certainly kicked in. I think they were brought on by spending so much time alone (I’ve been dog sitting in my Parents big empty house why they holiday) and from the lack of contact with my Boyfriend who moved back to London to start his new job. Going from living with 60+ people in a hostel in Sunny Australia, and having my boyfriend by my side everyday, to living alone with two little dogs in cloudy Liverpool, is quite a drastic change, and it’s been a difficult and long week, in fact it’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. So getting my hands dirty in the Kitchen was definitely a good way of keeping busy and not going crazy. Below are a few of the treats I’ve cooked up over the past week.

cooking 1

cooking 2

cooking 3

cooking 4

The Bruschetta style Bacon & Egg dish I cooked up was inspired by The Dirty Bikers, y’know those two geordie chefs. It was a brunch dish that I fell inlove with and I had it on more than one occassion. I was also really chuffed with myself for being able to cook poached eggs considering I’ve never done it before.

cooking 6

cooking 7

cooking 8

cooking 9

cooking 10

I may have cheated with the Pancakes and used a mix, but I think I deserve a gold star for my efforts with the toppings. I call this ‘Panackes a la Mush’ as it’s three pancakes, each with a layer of chopped Bananas, mini marshmallows, whipped cream, and of course chocolate sauce thrown on for good measure. But it’s the cupcakes that are by far my favorite kitchen achievment this week…

cooking 11

cooking 12

cooking 19

cooking 25

I used a basic recipe for these, but I wanted to put my own spin on them, rather than just doing boring old average cupcakes, so I added in Bananas, which if you haven’t guessed, I love. I also made my own icing from scratch (plus a DIY icing dispenser), and I dyed the icing pink too, as you can see. I call them ‘Pink Banana Cakes’. I did some mini cupckaes, and some normal size. Some came out looking like very average fairy cakes, but others, mainly the mini’s, came out really well. If you think my ‘Pink Banana Cakes’ look tasty, make sure to read my next blog post which is going to be a my first ever foodie post. I’m no baking expert, in fact the opposite, but I want to share how I made these – it’s easy peasy – and hopefully do more of those type of post’s.

Wish me luck working on my other two goals. I need it.

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