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March 9, 2014

tink jayne ihaul 1Despite being super broke, I was a little naughty last week and purchased a few bits for my gadgets. So I decided why not do an iHaul, as I got some really nice items that I thought others might like (there seems to be an accidental Orange theme going on!)

tink jayne ihaul 3If you read my Unboxing post last week, you’ll know I got an iPad (Yay!). Being the overprotective and worrying girl I am, I knew I would need some sort of protective cover to avoid getting scratches or marks, so I jumped on eBay and found a gadget accessories wholesaler. I got this simple orange ultra thin magnetic cover for just £2.95 including p&p, from This Seller. The cover only protects the screen, and has a wake and sleep function, putting the iPad 2 sleep when covered. But when you are using the iPad it can be folded into a triangular rest to tilt the iPad, which is handy. It’s not exactly top quality, but it’s all you need really. There wasn’t a great selection of colours, so I went for Orange. The pink was too baby pink, I didn’t like the shade of green and the blue looked so IT-like and generic. I never pick the colour Orange, so I thought I’d try something different.

tink jayne ihaul 2Next up I wanted a case for my iPad. I didn’t need one, but I wanted one, naughty me. I knew the cover would protect the screen, but I didn’t want the back of the iPad getting all scratched up in my bag, so I thought it was best to invest in a case. I thought this particular one,  from ASOS was quite classy and elegant, yet student-looking; it looks like a clutch bag, yet resembles a satchel. I was torn between this one and another, but in the end I was swayed over by the price as this one was only £12 (click here to buy). I chose standard delivery, which is free, but it actually arrived on the Saturday after being purchased on the Thursday evening, so it was super quick.

tink jayne ihaul 4I also received a beautiful new iPhone 4 Case* from a brand called God It Feels So Good (I recomend checking out their instagram too @gifsg). I was delighted to receive this little gem in the post as I’ve wanted a God It Feels So Good phone case for a while. They specialise in completely unique, decoden phone cases and they are amazing. They will style the cases exactly to your taste or request, or you can purchase a pre-made case. Whilst their cases are normally donned with pink and purple girly treats, I was so surprised to open my parcel and see an Orange themed phone case. It was as if they knew about my recent iPad accessory purchases (maybe they did via the powers of Instagram). The items on the case are all so relevant to me as well; the centre feature is a My Little Pony which I used to play with as a child, and surrounding it is, no joke, an assortment of my favourite treats!! A pancake, an M&M and a cookie are just three of the adorable decorations that are laid out on what looks like a layer of Icing. I just love love love it. The RRP of these cases range from £10 – £20.

tink ihaul blue phone caseI also picked up another iPhone case, this was prior to my God It Feels So Good delivery. This case was off Amazon and was the bargain price of 98p, not bad eh? It’s a translucent case with a beautiful sky blue ombré effect and has waterdrops across it. I decided to purchase it after I saw the purple version on my Mums iPhone 5. Click here to buy.

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