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March 6, 2014

Company Magazine Zoella 2

Company Magazine Zoella 1

Company Magazine Zoella 6

Happy World Book Day. To celebrate this day, I do at some point plan to sit down for an hour with a cuppa and snuggle up with my ebook, and I highly recommend you all to do the same. However, I also encourage all my fellow bloggers out there to go and purchase the new issue of Company Magazine!

Company mag is my favourite magazine, that I sorely missed over the past 11 months of traveling. Unlike other magazines targeted at young girls and women, Company Mag focuses a lot of its content on careers. I started reading the magazine when I was about 18 and I think it definitely pushed me to be more ambitious, getting me where I am today. Whilst other female magazines discuss celebrity gossip, analyse relationships and publish love quizzes, Company writes profiles on inspirational industry experts and interviews young entrepreneurs, such as this issues cover star, Zoella. Yay!

Company Magazine Zoella 5

Company Magazine Zoella 4

I recently wrote a blog post about Zoella, which you can read here, and as a subscriber and a fan, I’m chuffed for her.Β  I planned to read it with a hot brew and a couple of Creme Egg, but I didnt even make it to the Sofa, I began reading while the kettle boiled. I’ve been waiting for this issue ever since both Zoella and Company magazine instagrammed behind-the-scene pics of them on the shoot early last month (see below). The interview with Zoella is really inspirational and very motivational. And of course she looks beautiful across the eight page feature.

Zoella Company Magazine ShootOf course, Company is a Fashion magazine also (duh!) but rather than dictate what’s hot and what’s not, as other magazines do, the wonderful team at Company have so many people input their style ideas, from upcoming musicians, to the Company Fashion interns, and even Fashion bloggers. This month my all time favourite Fashion Blogger Amy Valentine starred in their Street Girl feature, modelling East London trends as styled by Amy herself.

Company Magazine Amy Valentine

Company Magazine Amy Valentine 2

So by all means, get a few chapters of your book read and indulge yourself in some fiction. But afterwards make sure to sit down with a glass of wine and treat yourself to 164 pages of inspiration, style and creation

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