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Mini Haul • Collection 2000 • PLUS Reviews

March 6, 2014

collection 2000 tink jayne 7

collection 2000 tink jayne 2On Tuesday I popped into Boots, and inspired by my Beauty Bargain Review of the Collection 2000 Cover up stick, I decided why not test out some other Collection products. I was so impressed by the £1.99 Cover up stick, as well as their trusty Lasting Perfection Concealer (one of my faves), I wanted to see what other products Collection has to offer that are so cheap but work so well.

As I’m pretty low on Foundation I ended up picking up their Naturally Matt Foundation for just £2.99! £2.99?? That is a ridiculous price for foundation, so so so cheap. I had all my fingers and toes crossed for this product. Next I picked up the Gothic Glam lipstick in shade ‘Scorned’. I’ve been looking for a really dark lippy for a while now, and this one is VERY dark. Finally, I picked up some All Day Colour Mascara in Black. The only reason being that it was 3 for 2, and so being the cheapest item it was free. I suppose I will need a new mascara soon anyway, as my current ones are coming up to a few months old. I’ve already tried and tested the products as you can see from the above picture, so I’ll get straight to it …
[Note: the links are all to the Superdrug site as I couldnt find them on Boots website, but prices match exactly]

Collection 200 Naturally Matt Foundation // £2.99

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collection 2000 tink jayne 6

ewwwwwLets get the negative out the way with first, shall we? Whilst im happy with the lipstick and mascara I am not at all impressed with the foundation. I know I shouldn’t have expected much with a price tag of £2.99, but with the £4 concelear and £1.99 cover up stick being so amazing, I thought maybe the £2.99 foundation would be too. But no. Once I began applying to my face it got very smeary and brown, eeew it was horrible, and it wasn’t a nice texture either. My normal foundation is the Max Factor Translucent foundation which feels so smooth and practically glides onto my skin. I think i’ll just stick with that and pay the extra £8. I had to immediately take off the attempted application of this make-up with a baby wipe and start from scratch using my Max Factor.

Collection 2000 Colour Lash Mascara in Black // £1.99

collection 2000 tink jayne 9

collection 2000 tink jayne mascaraNext up was the mascara. It’s an okay mascara, I think this will be my new daytime mascara, but for night time or going out I’d probably stick to a mascara that gives my lashes more volume. But what this mascara lacks in volume, it certainly makes up for in length. As you can see from the picture, it instantly adds length to my eye lashes. And for £1.99 I shouldn’t really be slating it at all, in fact technically it was free, and for a freebie it’s a dam good mascrara, so I’m delighted with this product.

Collection 2000 Gothic Glam Lipstick in ‘Scorned’ // £2.99

collection 2000 tink jayne 10

collection 2000 tink jayne

I saved the best till last. I love this lipstick. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s super dark, almost black, but on close inspection, and once applied you can see that its a very dark Gothic purple. It’s so dark, and my lips are quite light so I had a play around and for me personally it works better when I do a sort of lip ombre, using a Revlon ‘Red Alarm’ lipstick in conjuction with this one. And I really need to buy a lip liner to tidy it up. But it was so fun playing around with it, and on my next night out, I’m definitely planning to go all Gothic.

collection 2000 review

To sum up, if your on a budget and need some new make-up, Collection 2000 is perfect, but maybe just splash out on a decent foundation. I reccomend Max Factor.

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