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Photo Diary No.33

March 5, 2014

The past week has been all about Dog sitting and blogging. I also did a little Beauty shopping (oops) and I’ve done way too much eating, oh and I cooked! It was a really simple dish, but it still counts as cooking.


imagePizza Express // Pretty Engagement card // New iPad // Mums cute Teapot

imageAsos delivery // Neesha (my bad hair styling) // Onesie time // My new fave chocolate

imageSunshine in Liverpool // Facetiming with the Boy // Mini Halo Braid // Wine’o’clock

imageI cooked!! // New iPhone case // Beauty Haul on it’s way // Pancake makin’

imageNew Gothic lipstick // Puppy cuddles // Giant Halo Braid // Catching up with Company

imageFree Mascara // OOTD – 5th March // Afternoon Tea //My favorite Fashion Blogger Amy Valentine, featured in Company Mag

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  • That engagement card is really pretty! xx

  • Tink Jayne

    Thanks, it’s one of my faves, so cute xx

  • I love this! Such a great post idea and your pictures are all so beautiful :)


  • Tink Jayne

    Thanks Veronica. I’m a bit of an Instagram addict! It’s an idea I’d recommend to all bloggers as it’s a nice little piece of your life to throw in there, and great to look back on should the Instagram fad fade out xx