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Beauty Bargain • Collection 2000 Cover Up Stick

March 4, 2014

collection cover up stick 2

About 14 months ago I purchased the amazing Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (not pictured) in 01. Fair, which is packaged almost like a lip gloss. It was such a great find, hands down the best concealer I have ever purchased, and it soon became one of my ‘can’t live without’ beauty products. Best of all it was cheap as chips with a retail price of around £4 from Superdrug (it is currently £4.19 at Boots). I still have that very tube now and although it’s running low, there is still a fair bit that I’m confident will last me a while.

I mentioned this product to my sister, telling her just how much I love Collection 2000 products for being so superb yet affordable. And so she went and bought me a little treat, bless her, and purchased me the Collection 2000 Cover up Stick (pictured) in 01. Light Translucent, to add to my Budget Beauty Bargians.

collection cover up stick 1

I’ve had this product nearly two weeks now and it’s been coming everywhere with me, probably because it’s packaged like a lipstick, so is small and handy enough to fit into the tiniest of handbags. But when it comes to covering spots and blemishes, which I seem to have a lot of lately (I need to stop drinking coffee and eating crap) it is so easy to apply. I tend to use the stick directly onto the area, and it literally draws on like chalk – it is super smooth. I draw just a little of the cover up, then use my finger to blend it onto the blemish. It’s a great product to keep in your bag, and its a right treat for your debit card as it’s only £1.99 at Superdrug.

collection cover up stick 3

It hasn’t really made that much of a change to my daily make-up routine, as I still use my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer at the start of the day, applying after foundation to the area under my eyes, along with any red areas and blemishes. But it now means I don’t need to carry this around with me, instead I have this Collection 2000 Cover up Stick to take out and about, and to use to top up my make-up throughout the day or catch any nasty spots that decide to appear.

However if I’m having a lazy day and can’t be bothered to apply a whole face of foundation or do a full face of makeup – which is a lot lately – I’ve instead been using both the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and the Collection 2000 Cover up Stick together to de-blotch and de-blemish my face, just so that it looks a little presentable, and on the odd occasion I’ve just used one or the other.

collection cover up stick 4

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