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Zoella: Conversational and Inspirational

March 3, 2014

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This is such a randm blog post, and completely unplanned. It’s almost midnight, Monday is upon us, and I should be in bed, but I just had to share this awesome video (preferably using more than the 140 characters Twitter will allow).

So I follow the vlogger Zoella, as I’m sure most of you do. If your sat there thinking ‘Who is Zoella?’ where the hell have you been? Zoella is a blogger and YouTube vlogger who I began following about 18 months ago. Back then she had around 500,000 subscribers, yet now she has hit 4 million! Go Zoella! She also recently won Best British Vlogger at the Radio One Teen awards (Click Here for her YouTube Channel. Or Click Here for her blog)

Zoellas videos are a mix of Fashion and beauty tutorials, youtube challenges, daily vlogs, as well as inspirational talks about dealing with anxiety, something Zoella has been working on overcoming over the past few years. I find her videos so pleasent and almost conversational. They are always light hearted, fun and beautifully filmed. BUT the vlog I watched this evening is by far my favorite Zoella vlog EVER!

Earlier on today Zoella posted a video titled ‘Vlogging at 11 years old’ (see below). What was meant to be a ‘Febraury Favorites’ video, ended up being tossed out and replaced with a bit of a Zoella throwback vlog, as she decided to share with us some footage she found of her vlogging at just 11 years old!

If your expecting to see a little girl dressed like a nonse and playing with dolls (just me who did that at 11?) then your mistaken. This video proves that Zoella was born to be Fashion and Beauty vlogger. Not only does the 11 year old Zoe talk to the camera as if she were talking to her future YouTube subscribers, but she has a ‘What I’m packing for my holiday’ discussion, she does daily holiday vlogs, in fact she even does the popular ‘What’s in my bag’ tag – its completely by accident, but spot on nonthehless.

I’m also completely impressed at how passionate Zoella was about her beauty products back then. At 11 years old I don’t even think I knew what mascara was and here is Zoella packing blushers and shimmers into an already bursting beauty bag. I admire Zoella so much for accomplishing all she has so far, from starting off as a little girl making videos on her family camcorder, to becoming a beauty expert and developing her own channel, and eventually conquering YouTube whilst helping so many people who suffer from anxiety in the process of it all.

Zoella is a real inspiration, and I salute her! Enjoy her video and make sure to subscribe to her channel for more amazing vlogs.


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