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Motivational March

March 1, 2014

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Happy March! I can’t believe we are into the third month of the year already. Did everyone say White Rabbits this morning? My great Aunt once told me that when you wake on the first of every month, the first thing you should say is ‘White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits’ and you will have good luck for the rest of the month. I can’t say it’s ever back fired. Not that I remember to say it every single month, far from it, I normally only remember to do it about twice a year, but this morning I remembered!

Anyway back to the blog post in hand, if you follow this blog (Hi Sis), you will know that I recently returned from a year of backpacking and am temporarily based in Liverpool dog sitting and house sitting for my Parents at our family home. As this is a million miles away (literally) from the life I was living a month ago, I have been trying to mentally prepare myself for a serious case of the holiday blues to kick in. Y’know, that horrible realisation that I’m back in the real world and the fun is over; no more lounging around in the sun, no more spontaneous beach days.

But the holiday blues have failed to make an appearance.

Whilst in some ways my previous traveler life feels like it was almost a dream, I’m actually finding myself incredibly happy at the moment. Maybe it’s something to do with my current job situation (full time unemployment enjoyment) or maybe it’s related to my brand new relationship status (I got me a FiancΓ©e) either way I feel really happy at the moment. I’m actually surprised at just how well I’ve coped with the transition of exotic traveler to normal unemployed UK citizen.

Nevertheless I came up with a plan! Worried that I could be having a delayed reaction, and that the holiday blues are still due to turn up, I thought it best to have a formed plan to banish them should they arrive. I have decided to come up with a few goals for the month of March to keep me focused and have something to work towards. The idea was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Sprinkle of Glitter, as well as a more recent find, Whimsical Fawn, both girls write a series titled Motivational Monday, so I thought why not go ahead and call this month #MotivationalMarch ?

Whether this plan goes ahead because I suddenly find myself overcome with post travel depression, or whether it goes ahead because I want to motivate further happiness to my current already-happy state of mind, either way I’m determined to achieve the three goals I have set out for myself. So here they are:


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I know it’s such a boring one, it almost sounds like a crappy New Year resolution that I will never keep. But back in Australia I was exercising quite a lot and actually, dare I say it, I got quite fit! This was down to lots and lots of walking, me and my boyfriend walked everywhere to not only save money, but also because it was such beautiful weather. I also took a Pole course which was really fun and extremely good for the body (I do one day plan to blog about this). But these days I’m slobbing on the sofa to avoid the cold outdoors, whilst eating all my parents food and snacks. It’s quite a drastic change. So my first goal is to exercise! I HAVE to walk the dogs on a daily basis, but why not add to that? Sit ups, star jumps, or even just taking the dogs on an extra long walk. Even a bit of dancing around the house. It can be done.


motivational march tink jayne
I have been toying with the idea of vlogging for over a year, but honestly, I’m also terrified to do it. I love the idea of taking my blog to a whole new platform, reaching out to a wider audience and also being able to speak so freely as I don’t think I’m the strongest writer. But doing the whole talking to camera and putting myself up on the internet, oh my goodness it terrifies me. I suppose honestly, as a blogger, you can showcase your best traits, write and then rewrite your post, only put up the photos that you think you look good in; your designing the best version of yourself. Whereas a vlog will show the real you and that’s what I’m worried about – what if the YouTube world just doesn’t like me? How will I look on a video?? How would I react to negative comments, or even worse zero views!?
Taking all that into account, I have still decided to give it a go. You only live once, it could be fun, plus I really want to have a go at video editing too and also extend my blog, so why not do it? If it’s not interesting to anyone, nevermind, at least I tried. I’m not necessarily planning to do a whole ten minute video of me babbling to a camera, in fact I think for my first one, I don’t even want to do any talking to the camera, I may just do a Day in the Life and see how I enjoy it. Any words of advice from any vloggers out there?


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I know one of these goals should probably be to look for a job, and start prepping for my move back to London, but where is the fun in that? I’m quite enjoying taking some time out at the moment and being a lady of leisure. And during this time out I thought why not try my hand at cooking or baking? Anyone who knows me will be aware it’s actually dangerous for me to cook … I nearly gassed my family once, and more recently nearly killed my housemate in a kitchen fire, but anyways that’s all in the past and I’ve changed. I really want to get my hands dirty in the kitchen. I definitely feel as though it will most likely be baking as appose to cooking; I’m more of a sweet girl than a savoury and I much prefer to bake. But we’ll see what kitchen madness I get up to over the next month.

Fancy taking part?
I plan to do a few updates over the month on my Motivational March progress and will end the month with an overview of exactly what I achieved. But for now I urge everyone to join me in Motivational March and set yourself some goals and challenges. If you feel like taking part leave me the link to your blog/site in the comments so that I can keep track of all the Motivational March progress. I have decided to tag a few other bloggers that I know or follow and set them the challenge of taking part in #MotivationalMarch I really hope you guys do and please link back to this blog if so:

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