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There’s no place like home

February 24, 2014












I may have swapped sandy beaches for puddles and paving stone, but it’s so nice to be home, sweet home. Last Wednesday I touched down in London Heathrow after 11 months abroad. After a few days spent chilling at my Sisters, I headed back up North to my hometown of Liverpool for some much needed home comforts.

Obviously being reunited with my Family has been the best bit about returning to Liverpool. But visiting home has meant being able to enjoy a few other luxuries too that you just can’t enjoy when your travelling . I’ve been given my own room with my very own chester drawers and wardrobe which sounds so ordinary, but is such a luxury after living out of a backpack for so long. I also have my own double bed all to myself. Obviously I’ll be happy to share with my Boyfriend (sorry, Fiance) when he comes up to visit this week, but it’s so nice to have my own big snuggly comfy bed for the first time in a year.

Another home comfort I havent needed any persuasion to indulge in is obviously the food! Oh the food. I’ve beenย stuffing my face with cakes, fudge, turkey, ham, chilli, and all the other juicy bits and pieces my Mum has packed away in the kitchen. I’ve been feasting on these delights whilst drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee infront of the flat screen TV, watching movies.ย  I’ve also been distracted by Teebo & Neesha, my Parents adorable dogs. I can’t stop cuddling them. They pretty much resemble two little balls of fluff rolling around the floor. Coming home to the windy city has also meant snuggly jumpers, hot water bottles and steaming bubbly baths. And of course access to laptops, iPads and superb wifi. Hence the blogging.

Don’t get me wrong, Travelling was incredible, a dream come true, and me and Ollie are already planning our next international trip. But in the words of Dorothy Gale “There is no place like home” in fact I think I could quite happily stay put here in Liverpool for a while longer *Kicks off shoes and puts feet up*

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