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Photo Diary No.31

February 20, 2014

I know I’ve used the traveling excuse like a billion times, so not to worry I have another. My laptop broke back in January, hence why I knocked out two very positive lifestyle posts mid-January and then disappeared off the radar again. Both excuses (travel/no laptop) really do make it difficult to blog, especially to do Photo Diaries as it can be difficult to upload the photos without my laptop or any decent wifi. But anyway, enough excuses, moving on … I’m back home in England now, with so many thoughts, words and ideas all clogged up in my head, that I can’t wait to just blurt out onto the blog (after much editing and tidying up of course, nobody would be able to understand my blurts).

So FINALLY, here is Photo Diary no.31 which focuses on my last few weeks in Australia. I posted Photo Diary no.30 back in November, so this post has been ridiculously delayed. My new plan is to try and do one photo diary per week – I can already hear my subconscious Β saying “Erm, yeah, sure, good luck with that luv”, but I really am going to try!


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photo 1-2Love my Pillow Pet // Some Summer evening drinks at our Patch in Melbourne // The AmazingΒ entrance to Melbournes fairground // Pizza in the park

photo 2-2Definitely going to miss Palm Trees on my door step // Leaving drinks in Melbourne // Pillow Pet snuggles on the long train to Sydney // Got a bit obsessed with McDonalds Sundae’s

photo 3Checking out Sydney Harbour // Some lovely romantic Fountains in Sydney’s Hyde Park // Valentines Day cookies // A stunning firework display on Darling Harbour

photo 2Ollie and I, shortly after he proposed (click here to read my post about how he popped the question) // Mmmmmm, Orange Soda // Went to bondi for some beach fun and some fish and chips (and loads of other sea food) // The View of Sydney City from our room

photo 1The mega burger: I don’t know where my boyfriend puts it all // A quick selfie before a 10 mile walk // My walking boots, so ugly, but so worth it // The beautiful Bondi Beach

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