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February 20, 2014

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I’ve already made a huge song and dance about this on Twitter, Instagram and on my Facebook page, but for those that don’t know, last week I got engaged *beams with joy* There is no official ring yet, as both the boy and I are penniless after our 11 month trip around Asia and Australia. But I wanted to share on my blog the story of how I actually got engaged, as it was honestly one of the best days of my life, and the most perfect moment.

So last Friday was Valentines day, a day I’ve never been that fussed about (as noted clearly in this blog post). I don’t mind celebrating Valentines Day and in the past have obviously done the usual V-day activities; card swapping and romantic meals, tra la la. But I’ve never been one to go OTT for it, as I refuse to spend a lot of money on a holiday that isn’t really required. I think last years DIY post proved that point. So the boy and I have kept it low key the previous two years, sticking to romantic meals in the flat (with housemates in tow).

This year was to be no different. No fancy restaurant on the big day, no special over-priced outing, instead we were to have a nice Valentines picnic. We had arrived in Sydney two nights earlier, with Sydney being the last city of our trip. As it was the last stop, it meant we had basically ran out of money and therefore had a very strict budget for the trip. We agreed that we would – as usual – keep it cheap and cheerful for Valentines, spending a total of $32 (that’s £17) on our picnic, which we planned to have in the Botanical gardens, after a quick visit to the Sydney Opera House.

Typical us, the day started off a little hectic. Due to a noisy dorm room, we slept in quite late and didn’t make it out of our hostel till gone midday. Then I misinterpreted the distance to the Supermarket and it took a lot longer to walk than the six minutes Google maps predicted. Once we found the Supermarket, we selected some bits; pita bread, tzatziki dip, olives, crisps, ham, chicken and salad, oh and not forgetting some boxed wine! But we stupidly decided to head to the Opera House a different way than we had came. A 20 minute walk turned into a two hour trek trying to find the famous landmark. We had originally planned to start our picnic at midday and it was now gone four o’clock. It was a really warm day and I was getting quite hot and flustered and impatient …. and hungry. I tried to suggest that we skip the Opera House until another day, I just wanted to find somewhere to sit down so we could have our picnic, but my boyfriend was adamant that we were not stopping until we found the Opera House and the harbour.

Eventually, around 4.30pm we found the street that leads upto the Opera House. We decided to walk upto the park area that looks over the whole harbour. It was beautiful, we could see the huge bridge, the ships and we were right next to the iconic Sydney Opera House that he was so desperate to find. It was very surreal to see it right there in front of me.

We agreed that this was the perfect spot for the picnic, and with that I laid down the blanket and plonked my tired-self down. But the boy kept insisting we get some photos straight away, I didn’t understand why it was so urgent. I wanted to just sit down and relax, de-sweat, and have a glass of red wine first, but no no no no, he insisted it was photo time. He took some pics of the harbour and then said he wanted one of me with the harbour and the opera house in the background. I agreed. He pointed to a spot on the grass where he wanted me to stand. So I did as he asked. He got down on his knees (it was actually one knee but I didn’t notice that at the time) to get a “better angle”, then he asked me to move to the left, nope, a bit to the right, no back to the left, then to take a step forward, and another one, and another one – I was about to tell him off for being so fussy with this dam photo, until he suddenly said “No, stand here” and grabbed my hand pulling me to the spot right in front of him and the camera, only THEN I noticed that he was down in front of me, on one knee, holding my hand, and clearly not taking a photo, and he said my name, followed by those four precious little words: “Will You Marry Me?”

proposal 8

And just like that, my life is changed forever. Isn’t it crazy? I went from girlfriend to Fiancee in a matter of seconds, I went from being in a relationship, to having someone wonderful ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. The madness!

I cried obviously, in fact I don’t think I ever actually said “Yes”, I was so shocked, excited and emotional, all I could muster up was a weeping nod. I loved the element of surprise; we are both so snappy happy and obsessed with pictures and filming, that it was such a great way to surprise me, as I genuinely thought he was just being a fussy photographer as usual. He actually had been filming on his camera too, so once I get the footage I will definitely try and post a video on here to share.

For about five minutes we were both just stood there crying, laughing, hugging, just trying to take it in! It was actually the first time I had worn makeup in a week (when your travelling you tend not to bother) I thought I’d make the effort for Valentines day, but actually regretted it as within 30 seconds of him popping the question it was completely ruined and half way down my face. Not a great ‘I just got engaged look’.

A really nice lady came over who had been watching to say Congratulations and she offered to take some photos for us, hence the pics. Obviously I tried to clean up my face, and smile for the photos, but I was so overwhelmed to the point I felt shakey and faint, so I don’t even look that happy in the photos, do I? I think I was still in shock.


proposal 7

proposal 4

proposal 6

proposal 5

After photos we proceeded to picnic it up, eating wraps, drinking wine, and every now and then stopping to re-live what had just happened. We would be having a completely normal conversation, then I’d look over at the Opera House and suddenly remember the boy had just proposed and I’d shout “I’m engaged, I’m engaged.”

It was such a wonderful day, just perfect. A few days later we headed to Bondi Beach for a (very long) romantic walk, and to get some celebration munch in the form of a Fish n Chip style seafood platter. Yummy! It was another lovely day and the most perfect way to end our trip! I hate to sound so soppy and like a wet blanket … actually, scrap that, I am a big soppy wet blanket at the moment and I don’t even care, I’m blissfully happy and I love that nutty bearded lunatic so much, he’s the best. Congratulations to little old me!

bondi 3

bondi 1

bondi 2


Pssst … and to any Sex and the City fans reading, Yes, I did name this blog post after the episode from Season 4 where Aiden proposes to Carrie. One of my favourite episodes.

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  • Nice article, Han! And congratz again.. Cheers from the Dutchie..

  • Tink Jayne

    Awwww Thanks David! You shall be invited to the wedding ;) x