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February 13, 2014


The picture is unrelated. I just gobbled this down and couldn’t resist taking a pic and posting it, on the basis that it looks so yummy! Anyways, onto the topic, if you’ve been reading my travel blog you will know that my boyfriend and I have made the decision to head back to the UK for a while. The decision was mainly to do with jobs (or rather lack there of), as well as finance issues, time constraints, all that boring grown up stuff. If you would like to read the full post just click here

It was an emotional decision to make as we didn’t plan to head home for at least 18 months, and now we are heading back to the UK after just 11 months of travelling. Initially I felt like a big fat failure and was very disappointed in myself. Even now I’m still a bit up and down about it. But ultimately it is the best decision for us, as it means we can save properly to go on more trips, whilst not getting ourselves in debt, and more importantly be around our family and friends (whom we have missed a lot!)

Another big bonus is that it means I can once again give so much love and devotion to my lovely little blog. I have to admit keeping up my lifestyle blog whilst on the road has most certainly been tricky; it’s impossible to do DIY posts when travelling, and any sort of hair or beauty routine went out the window for the best part of a year, not to mention living in hostels can often make it difficult to blog as the wifi is either no good or too expensive, I’m literally blogging in McDonalds right now as it’s the only place in Aus with free wifi (hence the Sundae).

I’m still in Australia for just under a week and yet I’ve already got so much planned for this blog for when I return. I can’t wait to do some new DIY posts, I’ve already got some fabric pens in my backpack waiting to be used. I’m definitely looking to do something different with my hair so I will be blogging about that too. And I’ve even been thinking about a possible food section. Yes, I know, I hate cooking, BUT I love food and one of the best parts of the past year of traveling has been all the amazing food I’ve tried. I also feel that I’m very much a grown-up now, no more pretending I’m a wee clueless girl (I’m nearly 28 for crying out loud) so I should probably learn to cook anyway. I can’t always rely on my boyfriend to make me dinner …. Can I?

Anyways, we arrive back to our home away from home, the lovely London, on February 19th. I have no job lined up, so lord knows what I will be doing with myself, but lack of work surely means more time to blog blog blog, right? Indeedy. So prepare for AllAboutTink to be knocking out the blog posts left, right and centre.

I know I’ve been an appalling blogger over the past 11 months, on and off the radar, but you can always keep up with me and my whereabouts via my Twiiter account, my Facebook page, my tumblr feed, and of course my Instagram; that’s the one I spend way too much time on. And not forgetting you can follow me via Blog’lovin – all the links to these accounts are below.

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