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“We Are Paramore” • Melbourne, Australia

January 16, 2014
My beloved Hayley backstage (Instagram account: @yelyahwilliams)

My beloved Hayley backstage (Instagram account: @yelyahwilliams)

Paramore are my favorite band (alongside M83). So I was thrilled when my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to go and see them over here in Australia. He bought them for our two year anniversary back in November (read about it here) and last Sunday, the 12th, was the night of the gig.

The concert took place at The Myer Music Bowl, which is an awesome outdoor venue that reminded me very much of being at a festival, as the stage is at the bottom of a huge grassy hill.


It was a gorgeous sunny day, hitting the early 30’s, so we decided why not go for a picnic before the show. I threw on my black denim shorts, my old faithful Jack Daniels vest from eBay, and we headed to the supermarket to pick up some salad, cheeses, dips & pitta and a bag of nachos. And of course we took some wine with us.





We arrived at the park at 4pm and enjoyed our nibbles and wine in the sunshine, as we watched thousands of Paramore fans begin to queue up. At 6pm the gates opened so we thought we should probably head in too. I loved this venue, I felt like I was back at Leeds festival all over again (in 2010 which is where I first saw Paramore live). The only downside to the venue, is the typically overpriced drinks; $9 (£5) for a tiny can of beer?? And it was not even the equivalent to a pint, it was more like a pot or a stubby. We ended up switching to spirits, but we still had to pay $10 (£5.40) each for a little can of Jim Bean, or a can of Smirnoff. Ah well, we decided to splash out as it was my night off work.





We watched a band called ‘Twenty One Pilots’ who I thought sounded okay, followed by ‘You Me At Six’. I’ve seen ‘You Me At Six’ before, and I’m not a huge fan, but I was really impressed with their banter on stage and they seemed like, well, just really nice guys. For these two bands we sat on a patch of grass with our drinks, but for Paramore we stood up and headed down as far as we could …

IMG_7712 IMG_7713 IMG_7714 IMG_7716 IMG_7717 IMG_7725 IMG_7727 IMG_7730 IMG_7736

They were amazing. What a show! Seriously, that girl can sing. From the moment the curtains fell down to reveal my favorite threesome (ooh er) to the final chord played,  I was jumping around like a kid, screaming ‘I Love you Hayley’, I know she couldn’t hear me, but I’m sure she felt the love. It was such a fun atomsphere, something I think the two of us needed what with being broke and homesick getting us down!

Here is the full set list from the show:

Grow Up
Fast in My Car
That’s What You Get
Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore
When It Rains
Last Hope
Brick by Boring Brick
Interlude: Holiday
Ain’t It Fun
The Only Exception
In the Mourning
(With a Snippet of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”)
Misery Business

Part II
Interlude: Moving On
Still Into You

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