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Here’s to being in your 20’s

January 11, 2014


To celebrate the launch of GIRLS Season three – in the words of Shoshanna ‘Like O.M.G. sooooo excited’ – HBO released a list of scientific reasons as to why your 20’s are for doing what you want! And not just three or four reasons, they lined up 30 of the gems. I read the list from top to bottom and it put a big fat smile on my face. I won’t relay every single reason on the blog, I will let you read them for yourselves (scroll down to get the link), but here are my favorites out of the 30:

No.05 of 30 – Chances are good you don’t have a mortgage, or a spouse; you have a roommate.Β 


When I was living in London and I was renting a room in the box flat, I would get so wound up at how much I was spending on rent. All that money I had to hand over each month and absolutely no investment; I received diddly squat long term benefits from that flat share. Meanwhile my Facebook feed seemed to be jampacked with sickening ‘We just got the keys to our brand new property’ status updates. I felt like a bit of a failure – I was a million years away from buying. But in hindsight, I WAS investing in something; memories and friendships. Whilst some people may have spent their weekends as a 26 year old having new carpets laid down and shopping for place mats, nothing can take away the ludicrous Friday nights spent skulling wine and having a good old sing along with my roomies, followed by a Saturday afternoon sprawled on the Sofas enjoying copious amounts of tea and hours of girl talk. There’s plenty of time in my future for house building and kitchen planning, why would I want a mortgage now anyway as it would just tie me down? So no more feeling guilty for not owning a property, renting was just part of my fabulous 20’s and it was all worth it.

No. 10 of 30 – Your body is at it’s physical best between 25 and 30. Your skin is yet to sag, your hair will grow back, your muscles are yet to atrophy, and your bones are yet to ache.


25 – 30?? Seriously, Who knew? There I was wishing I was 22 again, and as it turns out apparently my 27 year old body is better, in fact it’s at it’s ‘physical best’. This really did put a big smile on my face; we are always wishing we looked younger or prettier or skinnier, but it’s nice to know that actually your in the ‘Good Years’ and despite what you think, your body is in much better condition than your 23 year old self. Β I think the 25 – 30 age bracket is also Β the time you begin to accept your body more and feel more comfortable. I think once you hit 25 you know so much more about your own body and are much more aware of it. I know that sounds ridiculous, but hear me out … I personally have become a lot more comfortable with my body in the last year or so. I’ve worked out what exercise works best for me, what clothes look best on me and so on. So surely knowing that information will of course help you feel more comfortable with what you’ve got and help you be confident and happy with your body? And as mentioned above, nothing’s sagging, bones aren’t aching, no major hair loss, everything’s still very much in tact, so we can’t really complain about ‘oh I was so much skinnier back then’ blah blah blah, technically your at your healthiest now, or if your under 25 just remember your best years are still to come.

No.13 of 30 – Travelling. Your old enough to explore the world and know what your doing, but young enough toΒ recognizeΒ that there isΒ so much more to discover.


I’m writing this post from a hostel in Melbourne Australia, so clearly I’m well aware of this wonderful reason that your 20’s are for doing what you want. I know that someday I will want to settle down and start a family and, dare I say it, eventually get a bloody mortgage, but being in my 20’s and not having those things right now gives me the freedom to do what I want and go where I want! Travelling for us 20 something’s is so easy to do these days, we can plan it, book it and pay for it all on our own. Fall in love with one country? Why not stay there for six months? Don’t like a particular city? Just pack your bags and move on. The freedom I’ve had over the past nine months is something I’ve never experienced before and I encourage all to go and do it. (To read more about my travels, head toΒ

To read all the 30 reasons on the thought catalog, click here.

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