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Beauty Aspirations for 2014

January 4, 2014


I know everyone’s so over all the New Year posts and the resolutions being made – my bloglovin feed has been filled with them – but I’ve decided to do a blog post on some resolutions that are more Beauty focused…

Although I already have my 2014 Resolutions set out (previous post), I thought some separate Beauty aspirations would quite fun! The main reason is because 2013 wasn’t the best year in terms of Beauty. Travelling Asia meant wearing very little make up, if any at all, as it was just too hot. This also meant having to miss out on purchasing new beauty products, trying and testing new brands and general playing around with new make up ideas and looks. It was only when I got a few months into Australian life and bagged myself a job that I was able to start splashing out on Beauty products again. So with that in mind I have come up with these three Beauty Aspirations for 2014 that I really want to stick to and achieve:

EYES: Try new looks

Whilst I have most certainly embraced fun and colour when it comes to playing around with my lipsticks, I definitely feel that over the past nine months of travelling, I have fallen into a very safe routine for my eye makeup. With limited make-up supplies in my backpack and lack of experimentation going on, I’m continuing to do the same old look. Boring! I want to try new stuff, new colours, new brushes, new liners; I’m definitely going to embrace my creative side. Now that I’m working again too, I’m going to make sure I used my hard earned Aussie dollars to spoil myself with some new products

LIPS: Take better care of my lips

I am a terror for biting my lips. Considering my lips are used for talking, smiling, and of course kissing (cheeky!) I don’t treat them very well. Not only do I bite them but I don’t use enough product on them; I’m not talking about lipsticks or glosses, I’m talking about moisturising and keeping my lips hydrated. If their not bitten to shreds, they are dry and chapped. It’s not very attractive and it’s been bothering me for a long time. But I’m finally going to do something about it. I recently purchased a Mint Choc Chip lip scrub from Lush. It was my first ever Lush purchase! So far I love it, it’s great for getting rid of dead skin on my lips, and it taste DELICIOUS, (oh and is fully edible!) But I still need to find a really good lip balm or moisturiser. I’m not talking about some crappy cherry balm from a chemist. I’m officially on the hunt for a top notch, well liked lip balm and I’m even willing to spend a bit of cash on this as appose to the ยฃ2.99 I would normally spend on a balm. Once I’ve purchased a good balm, the mission for perfect lips is to begin.

FACE: Take off my make-up before bed! Very important!

Yes *hangs head in shame* I am one of those girls who is too lazy to bother cleaning her face before she goes to bed and so sleeps in the makeup shes had on all day and night. I know, it’s disgusting. Especially now that I am wearing a fair bit of makeup again, my very bad bedtime beauty regime (or lack of it) is beginning to show, eeek! Spots are beginning to pop up and my eyes are always getting itchy. And yet it’s all my own fault because I’m making the decision to let all that product just sink into my skin and my eyes over night. But I know I’m not alone on this, a story in The Daily Mail last summer explained that a survey showed that a third of us women can’t be bothered to take our makeup off before bed. This same story also claimed that not cleaning it off, does a lot more damage than you think; blocking oxygen from getting to your pores and stopping skin from shredding, both of which basically result in dull, uneven skin and wrinkles too. Noooooo! I do not want this happening to my skin. So 2014 is the year I finally stop being a lazy bedtime girl and start shaping up my bedtime beauty regime. I don’t care how many glasses of wine Ive had, it’s make-up OFF!

And so there we have my three Beauty Aspirations for 2014. By the end of the year I hope to have some fabulous new looks for my eyes, beautifully smooth lips and flawless skin that has been make-up free at night time. Do you have any 2014 Beauty Aspirations?

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