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Halloween Special • Zombie Nails

October 31, 2013

happy halloween

I love Halloween, mainly because I love dressing up and wearing costumes. This year I’m working, so will be dressing up in some sort of work outfit, whatever they throw on me, but a few weeks ago I attended the Brisbane Zombie Walk and got completely zombified. The one thing I was pretty chuffed with, was my DIY Zombie nails!

I thought I’d share with you how I created them, in case you guys are dressing up as Zombies or just want a Halloween feel to your claws. You probably already have everything you need; Red nail varnish and black eye liner, that’s it. Fake Blood is also good, but not essential.

Step One
Paint your nails red, this doesn’t need to be neat, just apply one or two coats and wait to dry
Step Two
Once dry, begin to pick and remove the tips of the varnish, so that it appears mainly around your cuticles, to give a bloody look
Step Three
Apply black eyeliner to the underneath of the tips of your nail to look like dirt
Step Four
Smother fake blood on a few fingers. If you don’t have fake blood, just use the red nail varnish


And there you have it, bloody and dirty nails, that look like they belong to one nasty hungry zombie. Have a great Halloween.

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