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Brisbane Zombie Walk • Brisbane, Australia

October 21, 2013


So me and my boyfriend haven’t really been doing that much lately due to lack of funds; we are now both working in Brisbane so that we can save for the next part of our trip. Which means we are pretty much in the same position we were in this time last year, except now we are are in the lovely sunny Australia – Awesome!

What I love about living in Brisbane is the endless opportunities to do cheap or free stuff. The other weekend, the two of us, alongside our housemates (another British couple) headed into the City for the Annual Brisbane Zombie Walk. The walk is essentially a charity walk, organised by the Brain Foundation. You pay $15 to do the walk – all of which goes to the Brain Foundation – however there’s a lot more too it ….

The event was held in the RNA Show Grounds where the doors opened at 10am. The walk didn’t start till 3pm, but before the walk, and after, there were live bands playing, food and drink stalls, a bar, Zombie games, Zombie wrestling, and various make-up and clothes stalls.

zombie walk 1

After spending the morning zombifying ourselves (which involved lots of fake blood and white make-up) we headed to the event at about 1.30pm. We got a few dodgy looks at the traffic lights as people peered into our car and saw four rather pale people covered in blood! Once we arrived, we wandered around the stalls for a bit whilst taking snaps of some awesome Zombie costumes. Seriously, the effort that some people went to was unbelievable – they looked amazing!

Zombie Walk 4 zombie walk 9

We headed for a slice of Pizza at the Dominos stall and then to the Bar where I had a refreshing $5 Zombie Cocktail!  As the event was sponsored by the FX Channel there was even an area you could get your pics taken by FX themselves, which of course we did. This was also to promote the new season of The Walking Dead.


At 3pm, we went to go do the Zombie walk. This part was very unorganised and no one had any idea what was going on, which I suppose was very apocalyptic in itself; lots of staff running around trying to control and manage 6000 clueless Zombies. But eventually we found ourselves in the right place. Whilst the four of us walked on in giggles, taking lots of pics and video clips, others really went to town and did the entire hour long walk in full character; limping and dragging themselves, scaring passers by and giving a good Zombie moan.

Zombie walk 2 Zombie Walk 3 Zombie Walk 5 zombie walk 6 zombie walk 7 zombie walk 8 zombie walk 10

It was a brill day, and I heard that the Brain Foundation raised over $50,000 in doing the Zombie Walk, so hats off to them.


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