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September 29, 2013


I can’t believe it’s been a year since my first Blogtober project! Which means that it’s nearly time to start Blogtober 2013. Wahoo.

October is National Blogging month, so Blogtober is basically a project/challenge to blog for every day of the month of October. As I’m not really one for doing daily diary posts, last year I chose to instead do Blogtober through pictures, posting one pic per day on my Instagram, my Twitter and my tumblr feed using the Hashtag #Blogtober. At the end of the challenge I then posted all the pictures in one blog post and incorporated it into my ongoing Photo Diary (click here to see). And this time, I’m going to challenge others to do the Blogtober project my way. I’ve selected a few bloggers who I follow, to do this challenge with me:

It’s really good fun, yet sometimes surprisingly hard. Whilst we now live in a world where it is completely normal and acceptable to take daily snaps of our lives (that’s the easy part) depending on your lifestyle, your location or general day to day plans, you may either forget to take your pic, or be completely uninspired (in which case I’d recommend a selfie!?). On the other hand, you may have days where you take a zillion great photos, yet you can only chose one as your Blogtober post for that day.

Anyone else fancy doing the Blogtober Challenge?? If so follow me on either Instagram, Twitterย or tumblr. And most importantly, make sure when posting each picture to use the hashtag #Blogtober

To see last years Blogtober Project, just click here.ย Goodluck, and I can’t wait to see all the Blogtober pics!

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