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Beauty Bargain • 17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick

September 8, 2013

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This 17 Shimmer Brick from Boots is my absolute favorite bronzer! The main reason being that I honestly can’t see much difference between this Shimmer Brick from Boots, and the High End Shimmer Brick by makeup artist Bobbi Brown. In fact the only major difference I can see between the two is the price. The 17 version is available from Boots for just £4.99, whereas the Bobbi Brown Brick is more than six times that price at a whopping £32.

The 17 Shimmer Brick is available in two tones, Pink and Gold; I opted for Gold. Being a naturally pale girl I should have gone with Pink, but the first time I purchased this – about three years ago – I couldn’t find the Pink, so Gold was my only option, and I’ve just continued repurchasing it since because I love it so much.

Boasting four sections of Golden shades, the 17 Shimmer Brick can be used in various ways. The first is as an all over highlighter, which is how I use it most often. I take my bronzer brush (just a cheap one purchased from SuperDrug) and lightly brush it over all four shades, then I blow on it a little as I don’t want too much of a shimmer, and I gently dust across the whole of my face. You can also use this Shimmer as a blusher, which I also do! Once again, using my bronzer brush, I brush across all four shades, but a little harder this time, blow off any excess powder, then I sweep the brush across my cheekbones, giving a denser application than I did for the all over highlighter. And finally, this amazing multipurpose Beauty Bargain, can also be used as an eye shadow palette.  I personally don’t use it very often on my eyelids as I’m quite fussy about eye shadow, however I do use the lightest shade on my brow bone, just under my eyebrows, it gives a really nice shimmer.

As you can see from my pictures, my Brick is a little battered having been thrown around in my backpack all summer, but I purchased that particular one in March, I have used it A LOT, and I’m still nowhere near scratching the surface. It’s cheap, it works, and it lasts a really long time. I think this is my favorite Beauty Bargain yet. Click here to purchase online.

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