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Bloglovin’ • What you need to know

September 3, 2013

If like me you follow a gazillion bloggers, but find it hard to keep up with them all, sign up to Bloglovin’ – it is by far the best way to manage your favorite bloggers. It’s free and easy to setup, and once your registered you just search for the blogs you love, then click their ‘Follow’ Button. You can search via category, such as ‘Fashion’ or ‘DIY’ or ‘Travel’. Or can you just use the search box to search for the blog or the name of the blogger. You can follow this blog by clicking the button below.


How Bloglovin’ works

Every time you log in, your Bloglovin’ homepage will be a feed of unread blog posts by the bloggers you have selected to follow. From here you have the option to go directly to the blog post, give it a ‘Like’ by clicking the heart button,  share the blog post via Twitter or Facebook, or if you happen to have already read that blog post then just mark it as read. Once you have read a blog post via Bloglovin, the site will automatically take the post off your homepage, as it only ever shows blog posts it believes to be unread by you.

bloglovin tutorial

Organise your blogs

Bloglovin’ lets you set up your own categories, making it easier to keep track of the different type of bloggers you follow. For example, I have several categories set up so that I can keep my interests  separate: ‘Fashion’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Funny’, ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Travel’.

How to claim your own blog 

If you have a blog but haven’t registered it to Bloglovin‘, it’s easy peasy to do so. Just search for your blog in the search box. Once found, there will be a button saying ‘Claim Blog’. Clicking this button will open a box of HTML, which is basically a Bloglovin’ widget that you need to put on your blog or into a post to prove it is your blog. As soon as you have done this, Bloglovin’ will instantly update it’s information and voila you have claimed your blog, meaning your profile will now show your blog and you can edit your blog details on the Bloglovin website.

how to claim your blog bloglovin

Dont forget the app

I tend to use the app more than the actual site, as I’m always on my iPhone. It’s completely free and so simple to use. It’s so much easier than having to open safari on my iPhone, then wait for my favorite blog to slowly load on the screen, and zoom in to click on links. Instead, with the app, the blog posts load via the app, meaning it’s quick, no loading time, yet all the same content is there.

bloglovin app

Bloglovin’ really is the best way to follow your fave blogs. I’d be lost without it, its enabled me to find and follow so many more bloggers. Go sign up, and enjoy –

(P.S. You can also follow my tumblr via Bloglovin’ by click HERE)

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