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August 27, 2013

Whilst working at Kaboodle Designs was hard work, I did spend a good chunk of my work day drooling over all the beautiful items, creating a mental wish list in my head of all the things I wanted. I really shouldn’t have been spending all my wages on bags and accessories, especially not as a backpacker. But a girls got to treat herself every now and then right? Plus I had the staff discount to abuse and I was not going to let that go to waste.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy everything I wanted (countless handbags, chunky charm necklaces and quirky broaches, to name but a few) but I did pick up a few things that I wanted to show you guys. All the prices below are the full retail prices (bar the bag which was a sale item) and I’ve converted them into pounds too.

Floral Headpiece $29/£16

Kaboodle Floral HeadpieceThe first thing I purchased, and by far my favourite, is the floral crown. I’ve wanted a crown like this for a long time now and I was planning to do a DIY one. But when I saw this particular floral headpiece I fell in love with the colours. It’s a little small for my big fat head, but once I’ve squeezed it on, it means it’s definitely not going to come off, so it worked out quite well. I still intend to do a DIY crown at some point, but for now I plan to enjoy this Kaboodle design. There are other designs and colours available, with much smaller flowers too, and they range from $15 – $25 (£8 – £14)

Fabric Rings $6/£3.50

Kaboodle Fabric RingsI never wear rings, they’re just something I never thought I suited – I dunno, manly hands or whatever. Yet when I saw the assortment of Kaboodle rings on display, surprisingly I found myself drawn to them. I think it’s the funky designs and the colourful fabrics that won me over. I tried them on, and I actually really liked them. More than liked, I loved them. In fact, at just $6 a pop, I wish I picked up a few more! There are so many styles to choose from, but I went for the Blue and White Polka dot bow, and the chunky Purple with White stripes. 

PVC Bag SALE ITEM down from $45/£25 to $25/£14.50

Kaboodle BagThis bag was actually a sale item, down from $45 to $25. Made from PVC and decorated with gold studs, I am loving this bag. As with most of the bags, the strap is detachable and adjustable, so you can carry this bag with the small handle, or you can wear it as a satchel across your body or your shoulder. It has two sections inside and a zip pocket. It’s not hugely spacious inside, but I think that’s just because after backpacking I’m just not used to midsize handbags anymore; I’m used to one big rucksack carrying my life around in it, so the bag is no doubt very reasonably spaced. It does have enough space to fit all my essentials – Purse, Phone, Kindle and a bit of make-up. Kaboodle bags are so well priced, ranging from $35/£20 to $59/£33, and there are so many gorgeous styles and colours. I was lucky enough to see the brand new collection and it’s definitely worth checking out, it’s now available online – check it out HERE

Watch-Necklace $29/£16

Kaboodle Watch necklaceLast, but certainly not least, is this handmade Alice in Wonderland watch-necklace I picked out on my last day. Kaboodle have a whole selection of jewellery all themed around Alice in Wonderland. This is one of them. A locket-style necklace with a watch inside; the case itself has the Alice in Wonderland rabbit adorned on the front, showing a sneak peak of the watch. I really like it. When it comes to necklaces I like them long, so this was perfect for me and reminded of a lot of the necklaces I had to box up and leave back in the UK. Having a clock inside is an added bonus as I never really wear watches, so at least I have the time around my neck now. It also came with a spare battery as do all of the watches when purchased from Kaboodle.

Kaboodle also design and sell earings, broaches, charm bracelets, wallets, coin purses … I could go on. And all are designed by Penny Lane, who started up Kaboodle in 2002.

Although Kaboodle Designs are an Australian brand, you can shop online and they deliver worldwide, so it’s worth checking out their website and seeing if there is anything you like. And with the prices being so low, it means you can splash out on the P&P. Not everything I’ve posted is available online yet, but they will be soon; all items are currently in the process of making their online debut, so maybe sign up to to the Kaboodle mailing list.

(I also got this silver charm for $5/£2.80)



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