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APP ALERT • 1SE (1 second everyday)

August 22, 2013

Such a simple idea, that has had such a fun and positive impact on my summer. 1SE has been a brilliant little project to work on and play around with, and has even inspired me to do lots of other filming (I’m now even contemplating vlogging). A friend introduced me to this app way back in February. The goal is to film one second of everyday to eventually form a compilation style video. Whether it be for a month, a year, a long holiday, or even a newborns first year, there are endless projects you can create with this app. It’s a great way to never forget the good times.

Although I downloaded this app in February, I waited until April to begin using it, as that’s when I was fleeing London to begin three months of backpacking in Asia, and I couldn’t think of a better project than catching daily snippets of my backpacking adventure (see my video at the bottom of this post).

You can either film videos via the 1SE app, or film it using your normal phone camera; either way, any videos filmed on your phone will turn up in the 1SE app. The app essentially works like a calendar – click on a date and any videos filmed on that day will appear. Select a video and drag the play button to choose a one second clip, then just touch the scissors in the corner to ‘Save the Snippet’.

1SE App 1 second everyday

 Very cleverly, the app is quite strict, meaning if you forget to film one day, you unfortunately cannot use a clip from any other day. This app is clearly determined for you to make an honest 1SE. But it’s not too bad, if you miss a day you can add a photo, or instead add text. However, the 1SE app does offer a helping hand so that you don’t forget to record a video; it lets you set up a daily reminder on your phone. These reminders pop up like a text message on your screen. On the other hand, if your phone is bursting with video clips and you’ve too many seconds to chose from, you can have more than one project at a time on 1SE.

1SE 1 second everyday

Check out my 1SE video from my time backpacking around Asia below. When you complete a video it has all the original sound, but for my video I wanted music, so I put the video on my laptop and used separate software to add ‘Steve McQueen’ by M83; one of my favorite songs ever. I also used the ‘Add on text’ option in the app, to add on messages to the end of my video.

I’m now in the process of my second 1SE project, I’m making a separate one of my time in Australia. My goal is to create a bunch of 1SE videos, and eventually put them together into a years worth, or two years … who knows! Make each day count, download the app and start your very own 1SE project.

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